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All Your Work Order Software Questions Answered


1. What is work order software?

Work order management (also known as service order software) is one of the core features of a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) software solution. It simplifies work order management by helping you generate, assign, and track maintenance work orders across the organization, creating a traceable history, lowering costs, and improving efficiencies. Work order software helps streamline all your daily maintenance activities.

2. What are the benefits of work order software?

Keeping on top of both scheduled and unplanned maintenance and repairs is overwhelming for organizations trying to get by with paper or spreadsheets. These outdated systems lead to slower response times, incomplete tasks, inefficient use of resources, and equipment downtime. When it comes to fully optimizing work order management, maintenance work order software streamlines every workflow, saving you time, money, and energy. And because modern solutions are backed by cloud computing that ensures reliable work order management software data, not only can you access all the relevant information from anywhere at any time but you can also be confident it's always up to date.

3. What features are included in a work order system?

Work Order Request Form: Filled out to initiate a work order request with the maintenance department

Work Order Management: Enables requesters, maintenance leads, and the maintenance teams carrying out the work order to manage and process the work order from their respective sides. Centralized work order tracking and control creates transparency and accountability, keeping everyone focused on project timelines and maintenance department goals

Maintenance List: Displays a prioritized list of work orders for the maintenance lead

Task list: Provides step-by-step instructions for the tasks that need to be completed to close out a work order

Automated Instant Notifications: Sends email notifications, automated alerts, mobile app push notifications, and reminders when work orders and requests are assigned and when work order statuses are updated. Reports can also be shared through automated email notifications.

Specialized User Permissions: Allows employees from different departments to see only the work order information that is relevant to their role. This allows a maintenance manager to access all work orders assigned to team members, but team members can access only the work orders assigned to them

Segmented Work Orders by Categories and Teams: Organizes work orders by category or team for more in-depth reporting and better communication between technicians. Quickly pull related work orders into the reporting module for insights into specific categories of work. Assign tasks to teams for better resource usage

Maintenance Calendar for Scheduling: Put everything you need to know to manage unscheduled work orders and preventive maintenance tasks in one convenient, easy-to-read calendar. Filters clear out possible visual clutter so teams can easily manage time and resources. Everything is right there so nothing falls through the cracks

Work Order Templates: Standardizes and simplifies work order generation. Maintenance leads can quickly pack work orders with everything technicians need to close out efficiently, including customizable instructions and checklists, associated parts and materials, digital images and schematics, and even interactive site plans and floor maps



reduce equipment downtime with work order software

Reduce equipment downtime to a minimum

Cut maintenance costs overall with work order software

Cut maintenance costs overall

Hippo CMMS for On-The-Go Work Order Management

Hippo’s simple and flexible asset management software provides users of all technical skill levels the ability to easily track, modify, organize, and manage maintenance workflows.

It starts with the open request portal, where anyone on the team can submit a request. From there, the maintenance lead can review tickets and generate and prioritize work orders. Once assigned, technicians can access their work orders using the Hippo CMMS Mobile work order management app or any Internet-connected mobile device, eliminating the need to run back to the office for paperwork. 

The software even ties into the built-in cameras on smartphones and mobile devices (mobile app), empowering technicians to upload images and attach them to related tasks and work orders.


Is CMMS Software Right for Your Department?

Do any of these sound familiar?
  • Unreliable data on maintenance history, costs, and other KPIs
  • Disorganized inventory and asset management
  • Piled-up work orders

Full-Featured Work Order System

Creating a schedule in Hippo's work order management software is simple, and modifying, updating, and tracking preventive maintenance tasks is easy. Preventive maintenance tasks can be performed in as few as 3 clicks or taps using a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Need more details on work orders? No problem!

But none of these features mean anything if they're trapped behind confusing, frustrating design. Ease-of-use is always an important feature; it's the one that makes the other features possible. Finding the right work order management software with the right features can be overwhelming. Online directories such as SelectHub and Capterra helps thousands of managers choose the right work order management software for their business.

generate work orders with work order software

Generate Work Orders

Channel all maintenance requests for approval.
Post approval, generate data-packed work orders.
Assign to department techs or third-party vendors.
Automatically notify resources with emails.

update work orders with work order software

Update Work Orders

Update work orders in real-time from your desktop, tablet or mobile device (work order app).

Add comments, documents, images, labor time, invoices, materials and parts used, and time to complete.

All modifications to work orders are recorded with user name along with date and time.
track and close work orders with work order software

Track and Close Work Orders

Update and record all costs and time to complete.
Be notified when work is completed and ready for review.

Track and generate reports on KPIs like work orders completed on time, maintenance, materials costs, and response times.
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Trusted by Facility Managers and Maintenance Managers

I'm glad I chose Hippo

We love the Advanced Dashboard option. It provides your maintenance team with an interactive screen of your plant's layouts. It's an effective visual tool that is cool to use and simplifies navigating through the system and monitoring the status of the equipment.

Larry Septick
Process Control Engineer at Acme Manufacturing Company

Best bang for the buck CMMS!

Hippo is not cluttered up with all the little things that 90% of maintenance managers never use that just get in the way. It is very user friendly, has exceptional support, and was easy to migrate to. Work orders are easy to use and completion rate are up.

Chris F
Maintenance Manager, Lily Of The Desert via review on Capterra

Awards and Recognition

Hippo never stops pushing to make our CMMS even better, and all our hard work is paying off with awards from across the industry.

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