Manage all your vendors in one place

When you’re working with contractors and outside third-party vendors, you need ways to seamlessly pull them into your established internal workflows.

Hippo’s vendor management module helps you:

  • Keep vendor contact information safe and accessible
  • Rate and review vendors’ past performance
  • Track third-party work associated inventory
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Forward-thinking facilities think alike

What do manufacturing plants, municipal facilities, hospitals, resorts, and stadiums have in common? They all need a simple, all-in-one maintenance management tool that's easy to access on the go.
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Keep vendor contact information safe and searchable

The last thing you want to do is waste time looking up contact info in the phone book. And even when you do find the right phone number, you can only ever call the central line. With Hippo, vendor contact information is right at your fingertips, and you can call the right person at the vendor directly, saving you the wasted time getting endlessly transferred.

And because everything in Hippo is searchable, finding the right vendor for the job is a snap. Filter vendors by type to quickly find the one you need.

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Rate and review vendors’ past performance

Had a great experience with a vendor? You can add that information to their contact info inside Hippo, ensuring you reward good work and avoid making the same mistakes twice.

And when you add them to you list of preferred vendors, the software helps you match them up with future jobs. When you select the job type on any work order, Hippo autogenerates a list of preferred vendors you can use.

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Track third-party work associated inventory

The ones you generate for third-party vendors have all the same advantages of your on-demand and preventive maintenance work orders, including build-in inventory tracking. When you first generate the work order, you can associate all the required parts and materials for the job. And then when you close out, Hippo helps you stay on top of your levels by automatically updating the levels in real time.


Vendor Management Systems and Benefits

Break down the data wall between internal and external work. Hippo vendor management delivers all the same advantages in control, tracking, and savings in time, money, and frustration.

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Maintenance & Repair

Because there are some types of maintenance and repairs you only have to do a few times a year, it doesn’t make sense to have those specialized techs on the team. For example, you don’t need fire suppression system experts in the maintenance department if you only check those systems every six months.

Vendor management solutions save you money by allowing you to bring in the help you need only when you need it. And by making it easy to integrate outside help with existing workflows, you can control, track, and report on the work without any extra steps.

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Because the ones for third-party vendors share many of the key features as work orders for your internal teams, you get all the same tracking benefits. Know exactly how long work is taking and what MRO inventory is being consumed. And because you can upload digital invoices directly to the work order with our vendor invoice management system, tracking costs is simple and accurate.

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Inventory Management

It might be an external team of maintenance techs, but if they’re using your MRO inventory, you need to be able to track it. Hippo’s vendor management solution makes it easy. Add the work to the system as a work order, and you get all the same inventory tracking capabilities, including being able to associate parts and materials. Close out the work order, and Hippo helps you keep your levels accurate by updating them automatically.

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Adding the work done by vendors to your reports is easy because so much of the information is already inside the associated on-demand work orders. No extra steps required.

And because you can upload the invoice directly to the work order, keeping everything together and in one spot, it’s easy to track costs.

Our Vendor Management Software Services

Get the benefits of a maintenance management system — like becoming more efficient, getting the most value from capital assets and equipment, and improving resource planning — without a time-consuming implementation, high costs, or a big learning curve.

Hippo CMMS is both powerful and easy to use. We provide full-circle customer onboarding focused on ensuring that your team adopts the software to give your business the best long-term ROI.

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Implementation and Setup

Across industries, the failure rate for CMMS implementation can be as high as 80%. Companies are left with low adoption rates leading to wasted time and money.

We make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Hippo is easy to learn with a nice, clean interface and simple user experience, making it much easier to get everyone comfortable using our vendor management software.

Everyone on the team, from young techs who grew up on smartphones to more experience techs who cut their teeth on paper and punch cards, can learn the software quickly. You don’t have to sell them on the benefits; they can see them for themselves.

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Get up and running in no time with Hippo’s systematic, concise approach to training backed by knowledgeable, approachable trainers.

Not everyone learns the same way, which is why we offer a library of video lessons, documentation, walkthroughs, and live online training sessions. There’s something for every type of learner.



We designed Hippo to work for you, and that includes getting along well with your existing solutions.

Hippo’s versatile, document-supported open API opens a world of possibilities for you to integrate features and share data across platforms. Move smoothly between applications, never losing data or wasting time logging in and out of separate applications.

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Easily store and access asset information like ID tags, O&M manuals, and warranty info. Hippo’s preventive maintenance software has all the tools you need to maximize your equipment longevity.

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Simple Vendor Management Software for Your Small Business

Hippo’s built-in vendor management software brings everything together, breaking down the data walls between your internal maintenance teams and third-part vendors, making scheduling, tracking, and reporting easy and accurate.

Because it’s all so seamless, there are no cracks for data to fall through.

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I love that there is a minimal learning curve. I can limit abilities for each user but make changes as they learn and become more comfortable. I tell all new users, "Feel free to explore. You can not screw anything up.”. This allows them to be more confident and curious.
Jennifer M.
Facilities Coordinator, The Pampered Chef
Hippo has been a great overall experience with our company. We recently implemented this at our food production plant and it has met all our needs. It is very user friendly which was a big part in making a decision. It helps us meet all FDA standards within regards of record keeping. I would recommend this program to another company.
Brady Cummings
Mancinis Bakery

Customer Success Stories

Learn how Hippo helped organizations take control of maintenance management.

Awards and Recognition

Hippo never stops pushing to make our CMMS even better, and all our hard work is paying off with awards from across the industry.