On-Demand, Unscheduled Maintenance Hurts Organizations

If your organization currently deals with a lot of reactive, on-demand maintenance, chances are you’re struggling with high maintenance costs and increased downtime.

Time to stop wasting energy and start enjoying the benefits of preventative maintenance software.
  • Cut costs
  • Extend asset life cycles
  • Organize parts and materials, spend less on carrying inventory
  • Schedule resources and control bandwidth
  • Get ahead of the curve and feel less overwhelmed

Forward-thinking facilities think alike

What do manufacturing plants, municipal facilities, hospitals, resorts, and stadiums have in common? They all need a simple, all-in-one maintenance management tool that's easy to access on the go.
work order software system reviews
work order software system reviews
work order software system reviews
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Cut costs

Preventive maintenance saves you money in two ways. One, it simply costs less to find and fix small issues than trying to tackle big problems. Checking the oil is always going to be cheaper than replacing a seized engine. In fact, reactive work orders can cost you 37% more than PMs.

But PMs also save you from costly downtime and lost productivity.

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Extend asset life cycles

It’s not only easier and cheaper to solve small issues instead of tackling breakdowns, it’s also better for your assets, cutting down on wear and tear. Hippo’s PMs have customizable checklists, helping you ensure techs know exactly what to look for. And because it’s so easy to generate work orders, as soon as they find an issue, they can take concrete steps to fix it.

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Organize parts and materials, spend less on carrying inventory

PMs means you get to schedule not only work but also all the associated inventory. Now that you know your schedule ahead of time, you can time shipments so everything arrives just before you need it, pushing carrying costs back to your suppliers. When things arrive just in time, you don’t have to worry about old parts and materials degrading, spoiling, or getting lost to shrinkage.

Resources bandwidth

Schedule resources and control bandwidth

If you don’t know what work is coming up, you can’t make sure you have the right techs scheduled. With preventive maintenance scheduling software, you can make sure you have the right people with the right skill sets there and ready to work. No more having to call in someone for overtime to work on an asset that’s unexpectedly broken down.

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Get ahead of the curve and feel less overwhelmed

It’s not the work that’s stressful, it’s the not knowing. When you can see things coming and properly prepare for them, life gets a lot less stressful. When you’re ahead of the curve, you’re also out from under a lot of unnecessary worry.


Preventive Maintenance
Software Solutions and Features

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Preventive Maintenance Mobile App

Stay on top of preventive maintenance inspections and repairs by staying on the go.

Hippo Mobile puts all the power of preventive maintenance software where techs need it most, right in their back pocket. And because the app lives right on their mobile device, your techs get the job done faster with new features, including bar code scanning, that lets them walk up to any asset and instantly access associated scheduled PMs.

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Enterprise Preventive Maintenance (or EAM)

Organizations of all sizes live and die by their assets. Enterprise preventive maintenance programs ensure assets are there when you need them by helping you capture and keep safe every type of data related to your PM program, including comprehensive inspections, maintenance, and repairs histories as well as digital schematics and O&M manuals.

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CMMS for Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance software is one of the most important features that any computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) solution can offer an organization. Without a scheduled preventive maintenance program, routine equipment checks go overlooked for critical facility and production equipment. This results in unscheduled downtime, high repair costs, unexpected labor demands, unhappy customers, endless emergencies, and serious accidents. Can your organization afford any of these avoidable problems?

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Maintenance & Repair

Doing the work correctly starts with having the right tools. And for modern operations, the most important tool in the toolbox is data. When it comes to even the most basic repairs, you want your techs to have everything they need to work smart, including:

  • Comprehensive asset maintenance and repair histories
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Customizable checklists
  • Digital images, schematics, O&M manuals, and warranties
  • Interactive site maps and floor plans

And with Hippo you have all the data you need to make your processes even better because you can track resource assignments, time on wrench, and inventory all from one place.

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Preventive Maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s as simple as that, and just as true for your health as it is for assets across industries, including manufacturing, health care, and hotels. When you can find and fix small issues before they have a chance to grow into big problems, you save money at every step of the process. Scheduling resources early means never having to call techs in for overtime. And ordering parts and materials early saves you from expensive rush deliveries. Being able to work on the assets when you already know they’ll be idle means no more lost production time with idle operators getting paid to stand around and watch your techs work.

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Preventive Maintenance Tracking

Leverage your maintenance data to fine-tune your preventive maintenance program. Once you’re able to track everything – effortlessly because the software does so much of the heavy lifting for you – you can start to use your data to improve your program. When you know which assets causing you the most trouble, you can add more associated PMs to the schedule.

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Work Orders

Paper and spreadsheet work orders make it hard to track your program, but they also make it tough for techs to know what to do. Modern preventive maintenance software helps you pack preventive maintenance work orders with everything techs need to arrive onsite ready to work and close out quickly, including comprehensive maintenance and repair histories, detailed instructions, and customizable checklists.

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Preventive Maintenance Planning

Planning is where preventive maintenance software shines. Instead of never knowing what your day is going to look like, use our software to plan, get ahead of the curve, and out from under reactive maintenance. And Hippo makes the whole process consistent and easy. With customizable templates, once you’ve entered the data, you can quickly recycle it in new PMs. And with the drag-and-drop feature, you can move work around the calendar with one click. All the tracking is done for you by Hippo, including which parts and materials the techs used and when they completed their work.

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Vendor Management

You can’t do everything on your own, but your company needs you to get everything organized. When bringing in third parties and vendors to complete preventive maintenance on assets under warranty or specific regulations, you need to be able to communicate quickly and clearly with people outside your team. Preventive maintenance management software makes this possible by helping you keep all your contact information in one place, and then making it possible to assign and track third-party work orders from right inside the software. No more jumping across platforms.

Equipment Preventive Maintenance

Equipment Preventive Maintenance

Equipment preventive maintenance software puts you in control of your operations, helping you achieve more uptime, less costly downtime, and best of all less stress. By shifting away from reactive maintenance, you get all the benefits of being in control of your equipment maintenance.

Finally, you know what parts and materials you need to keep your equipment running, when you’re going to schedule the work, who’s going to do it, and what they’re going to do. Take the guesswork out of maintenance.

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Get your data work for you with robust reporting on all aspects of your preventive maintenance program. Track and zero in on key performance indicators like the percentage of PMs completed on time. With older systems, you’re stuck rummaging through paperwork or trying to combine endless cells from a bunch of spreadsheets. Hippo CMMS crunches the numbers, delivering easy-to-read graphs and charts that paint the maintenance big picture for you. Once you have real visibility into your operations – everything from who’s doing the work to what it’s costing the department – you can finally fine-tune your schedules, inspections, and tasks to maximize your results.

Hippo CMMS Preventive Maintenance Services

Get the benefits of a maintenance management system — like becoming more efficient, getting the most value from capital assets and equipment, and improving resource planning — without a time-consuming implementation, high costs, or a big learning curve.

Hippo CMMS is both powerful and easy to use. We provide full-circle customer onboarding focused on ensuring that your team adopts the software to give your business the best long-term ROI.

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Avoid the common pitfalls of CMMS implementation: low adoption rates leading to wasted time and money. Hippo is easy to learn with a nice, clean interface and simple user experience, making it much easier to get everyone on board. Everyone on the team, from young techs who grew up on smartphones to more experience techs who cut their teeth on paper and punch cards, can learn the software quickly. You don’t have to sell them on the benefits; they can see them for themselves.

The team gets a system it likes and trusts, and management gets a fast, concrete return on investment.

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Get up and running in no time with Hippo’s systematic, concise approach to training backed by knowledgeable, approachable trainers.

People learn in different ways, which is why we offer a variety of video lessons, documentation, walkthroughs, and live online training sessions.

But everyone can start using Hippo quickly because it’s easy to learn.



Add Hippo to your family. We designed Hippo to work for you, and now it even works with your existing solutions.

Hippo’s versatile, document-supported open API opens a world of possibilities for you to integrate features and share data across platforms.

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We’re as invested in your success as you are, and we want you to get as much out of our software as you can. Our dedicated support team is there for you, with a complete library of how-to documents, videos, and updates on new features.

But more than that, we deliver live support from trained professionals who know the software front to back. If you have an issue, they have the solution.

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Free Preventive Maintenance Software Trial

Now that you’ve read all about the benefits of preventive maintenance software, it’s time to give it a try. You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive, would you?

Our free preventive maintenance software trial is your opportunity to take Hippo out for a spin and kick the tires a bit. But most of all, it’s a chance to see firsthand how our tools empower you to support your company and improve your productivity.

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The way Hippo CMMS allows us to streamline our maintenance requests and work orders has been huge in saving us time and manpower to complete our tasks. Our maintenance technicians receive prompt e-mail notifications when a work order has been submitted and that allows us to get a jump on things much quicker than we normally would.
Stephanie MacIntyre
Hippo CMMS - The best move our company has made in years!
Hippo CMMS has helped turn us from a reactive department to a proactive department thus reducing lengthy downtimes.
Asset Manager
Medium Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company

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