Get Real-Time Insights into Your Maintenance Operations

Struggling to meet upper management’s expectations for reports on labor utilization, facilities maintenance costs, equipment downtime, asset depreciation, inventory costs, overdue preventive maintenance tasks, and overall work order management efficiency? Hippo CMMS has a simple solution with our easy-to-use maintenance reports generator. Facilities and maintenance managers can take advantage of our powerful, user-friendly reporting tools.

Hippo delivers auto-generated reports on:

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Work order management
  • Maintenance histories
  • Inventory and spare parts
  • Asset and equipment depreciation

You can also quickly generate custom reports by taking advantage of the extract module.


Hippo CMMS Reports: Key Features

1. KPI Dashboard

Hippo CMMS reports help you to get real-time updates on key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to your maintenance operations. With the KPI Dashboard, users get instant insights into the number of on-demand and scheduled preventive maintenance work orders completed within a time frame and open work order statuses, empowering maintenance professionals to make better decisions faster.



2. Work Order Management Reports

Current work order reports help maintenance and facility managers easily report on all work orders (reactive and PMs) that are set to be completed. You can also apply filters to drill down into specific criteria for more targeted reporting. Filter by maintenance technician, vendor, supplier, location, equipment or asset, preventive maintenance, and work order status. And all reports can be presented in easy-to-read graphs, printed, converted to PDF or exported as an Excel or CSV file.



3. Maintenance History Reports

Need to know how many work orders were completed in the past month and all the associated costs? Struggling to find out how many and what parts were used on a machine? Can’t seem to find out when Vendor X was last in and what repairs they did? Rooftop unit is on the fritz and you want to see if and when the last preventive maintenance work was completed? Hippo CMMS’s maintenance history reports enables maintenance and facility managers to quickly answer all these questions.

As long as the data is recorded in the Hippo CMMS database, all completed maintenance transactions can be pulled in easy-to-read, easy-to-share reports. Simply enter the period of time you want to report on, apply the required filter criteria, and get the report you need.

It’s that simple.



4. Inventory and Spare Parts Management Reports

Having trouble managing and keeping track of filters, bearings, switches, and other parts in your warehouse?

Stay on top of what’s in stock and what needs to be ordered. Hippo CMMS software allows maintenance managers to store and track all spare parts and supplier details. Our inventory reports feature makes it simple to stay up to date on the parts and supplies used for specific equipment or type of work. Hippo CMMS reports also ensure that you never run low and that maintenance is never delayed due to long lead times for parts and materials.



5. Asset and Equipment Depreciation Reports

Depreciation reports are used to make provisions for major repairs, replacements, and improvements of facility equipment and assets. These reports focus on a facility’s components found within the common areas, including structure, electrical, enclosure, mechanical, plumbing, fire safety, interior finishes and amenities, and grounds. All of these items require attention and care throughout their life cycles.

Hippo’s equipment and asset depreciation reports shed light on each component’s expected lifespan, current condition, and future requirements, helping facility and finance departments make critical decisions related to budgeting and capital planning.

6. Customize Reports through Extract Module

Hippo’s Extract Module is the ideal solution for maintenance and facilities managers who are a little more tech-savvy and require more granular, customized reporting power. The Extract Module allows Hippo admin users to create custom reports, pulling data from any field being tracked in the Hippo database.

This module also puts the IT department at ease, knowing that Hippo customers own their data and always have access to it. This tool enables users to extract data on demand and share it with other business applications.

All data pulled from the Extract Module is exported to an Excel or CSV file.




How Hippo Stands Out

Stands out 2

User-Friendly UX

No need to be tech-savvy to learn Hippo’s simple work order and preventive maintenance software.

Stands out 1

Unbeatable Support

Hippo’s support team is reliable and thorough, with a passion for customer success.

Stands out 3

Cost Effective

With flexible pricing plans, this work order and preventive maintenance software is guaranteed to deliver a fast ROI.

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I love that there is a minimal learning curve. I can limit abilities for each user but make changes as they learn and become more comfortable. I tell all new users, "Feel free to explore. You can not screw anything up.”. This allows them to be more confident and curious.
Jennifer M.
Facilities Coordinator, The Pampered Chef
We get work done more efficiently and things don't get forgotten. Reduce time reporting problems with equipment. Able to prove past problems are repaired. Easily justify planned repairs or upgrades.
Tim L.
Maintenance Supervisor, Applied Engineering Inc.

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