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Get Set Up for Success

Professional Services / Onboarding

Across industries, implementations can and do go wrong. In fact, the majority of implementations fail. Hippo’s here to make sure your setup goes smoothly. We work with you directly to make sure you get everything you need to make the jump to modern maintenance management.

We can help you with:

  • Importing historical data 
  • Customizing features and dashboards 
  • Setting up asset and equipment data 

Kick-off Meeting

Get the teams together, talk about and set expectations, and set timelines for implementation and setup.  

Data Collection

Collect relevant data on assets, equipment, and inventory. You can collect the data yourself, we can help, or we can come and audit your facilities and do all the collecting for you. Then we prep everything for import. 

Data Configuration and Import

Once we have all the data cleaned and prepped, we load it into your new cloud-based database.  

Lifetime Support

Support is the step that never ends. A big part of having a successful implementation is the ongoing services we provide, including training and support. You get access to online training videos, live and recorded webinars, help articles, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Hippo X Implementation Steps for Success

Hippo has a lot of experience helping organizations get started on the right foot. Over the years, we’ve developed a system we know works. Here’s how we do it.


Importing historical data

Switching over from an existing system? We know that data is king, and it would be hard to leave behind what you already built up. We can work with you to make sure you separate the wheat from the chaff and get what you need into your new Hippo database. 


Customizing features and dashboards

Hippo is great right out of the box, but there are ways to make it even more perfect for you. We help you set up everything so it matches your facilities and workflows, including custom pages, dashboards, and alerts.


Setting up asset and equipment data

Depending on your operations, you might want to import data on your own, have some help, or get the turn-key solution where we come out to your site and inventory everything for you – right down to your parts and materials – before loading it all into the database. For each setup, we’re as hand off or hands on as you need. 

Comprehensive Implementation Alongside Other Solutions

Get the benefits of a maintenance management system — like becoming more efficient, getting the most value from capital assets and equipment, and improving resource planning — without a time-consuming implementation, high costs, or a big learning curve.

We provide full-circle customer onboarding focused on ensuring that your team adopts the software to give your business the best long-term ROI.



The key to a successful setup is buy-in. If your techs like the software, they’ll use it, and you’ll see a concrete return on your investment. So, how do we get the techs to like us? 

We start with a truly easy to learn CMMS that makes life easier for maintenance departments. And on top of that we add training that focuses on building confidence and proving value.

CMMS implementation

Ongoing Support

Hippo is the absolute opposite of a fly-by-night operation. We’re right there beside you for the long haul. And a huge part of that is the ongoing support you get from us, including online how-to articles on new features, opportunities for additional training, webinars, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager. 

Onsite & Virtual CMMS Implementation & Setup

We’re here to work with you, in whatever way works best for you.  

In some cases, that means running everything online through meetings and emails. If your operation is the right size, we can walk you through most of it over the phone. 

In other cases, it makes more sense to have our implementation experts come onsite and collect the data directly. They work fast and efficiently, and you get your setup done without having to pull resources from existing jobs.  

Both solutions work great, and you get to choose which works best for you.  

cmms implementation

Maintenance Management Software Implementation

Once you sign on with Hippo, we become partners in your ongoing success. And the first step to making that happen is a customized, supportive setup process that meets your specific needs.  

We’re as hand on or as hands off as you need us to be, but we are always there for you.

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