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Why Get Facility Management Software?

Facility asset management software ensures greater uptime for critical equipment and systems. Automated facility maintenance software delivers:
  • Work order management
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Facility asset management
  • Resource and vendor management
  • Mobile maintenance management
  • Extend equipment lifespans
  • Standardize procedures and processes
  • Improve time management
  • Increase safety and compliance
  • Cut maintenance costs
facility management and work order software

User-Friendly Facility Management Software

Every module in Hippo's maintenance management software works together to provide a robust, seamless system.

Who Uses Facility Management Software?

Hippo CMMS combines a user-friendly facility management system with top-notch customer support to deliver a building management solution that's perfect for practically every industry type and company size.


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Sports Complexes and Stadiums

Municipalities and parks check mark icon

Municipalities and Parks

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Museums and Non-Profit

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Assisted Living and Senior Care

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Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Facility Management Software
Streamlines Operations

Facility asset management software ensures greater uptime of critical assets and equipment and systems by delivering seamless workflows built on accurate, up-to-date data.
facility maintenance work order software

Work Order Management

Generate and track facility work orders with asset histories, associated parts, manuals, and custom checklists

facility preventative maintenance software

Preventive Maintenance

Schedule time- and meter-based PMs to avoid the stress and costs of on-demand, failure-based facility maintenance software.

facility asset management software

Asset and Equipment Management

Monitor performance associated labor and parts to make informed repair-or-replace decisions with facility asset management software.

facility vendor management software

Vendor Management

Outsource maintenance tasks to third-party vendor with facilities vendor management software. Manage all resources and suppliers directly through the CMMS

Mobile facility management

Mobile Facility Management

Keep everyone in the loop and working from the same data with real-time updates on the go


Inspection and Event Scheduling

Stay on top of inspections, work orders, and PMs with built-in scheduling. Move past endless on-demand work orders

facility space management software

Interactive Site Maps and Space Management

Locate assets instantly and access room and space information. No more running in circles

facilities maintenance software programs

Maintenance Software

Control ticket submission, approve or dismiss requests, generate, prioritize, and assign data-rich work orders


Automated Reports

Get the big picture with customizable reports. The first step to cutting costs is following the money

intuitive interface design icon

Easy, Intuitive Design

Navigate smoothly between customizable dashboards and screens with easy-to-find, easy-to-use features



How Does Facility Management Software Help?

It's simple. Facility management software gives you the features you need to get the job done, faster.

See Everything at Once

Set it and the software never forgets it. Calendar view shows you the whole schedule in one quick glance.

Manage Requests & Work Orders

Review tickets and then generate, delegate, and track data-packed work orders.

Get Real-Time Alerts

Stay in the loop and on top of maintenance with reliable, up-to-date data.

Generate Data-Packed Reports

Leverage your maintenance and repairs data for actionable insights in your operations.

Pinpoint Assets and Resources with Site Maps

Get parts and people exactly where you need them with interactive site maps and floor plans.

Control Inventory

Track parts and materials usage, set par level alerts, and automate purchase orders.

Facility Management Software Benefits

track maintenance request icon

Track and manage maintenance requests from start to finish

Review and approve requests then generate, prioritize, and delegate data-packed work orders. Keep on eye on everything from open to close out. 

manage work orders on mobile icon

Manage work orders and tasks from mobile devices

Cloud-based computing means you’re in the loop and one step ahead in real-time from anywhere, at any time. No more running back to the office


Reduce equipment downtime and repairs

Preventive maintenance programs catch and fix little issues before they grow into giant problems. Assets run better and last longer

report on all equipment icon

Access, monitor, and report on all equipment and asset information

Everything you need to know about an asset, from location to manuals, and from open work orders to complete maintenance and repair histories


Get insightful metrics on facility, equipment, labor, and other KPIs

See the maintenance big picture, and discover where your budget is getting spent. Hard numbers create real accountability


Schedule and track preventive maintenance

No more waiting for things to go wrong. PMs make scheduling labor and parts easier, less stressful. Work gets done when it’s convenient for you and your team

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Top Rated Facility Management Software

Facility management software has all the tools managers need to keep things up and running, including asset management, preventive maintenance scheduling, and comprehensive reporting. Managers can keep all related asset documents, including O&M manuals and work order histories, in one place and access it from anywhere. They can schedule maintenance before costly breakdown, and leverage the collected data to quickly and easily see the maintenance big picture. Tracking KPIs reveal where the budget is really going, allowing them to make critical repair-or-replace decisions based on hard numbers.

Powerful Features

Hippo delivers the features you need to master maintenance management, including:

  • Automated preventive maintenance schedules
  • Interactive site maps and floor plans
  • User-friendly dashboards with calendars, task lists, and KPIs
  • Easy inventory management for parts and materials
  • Vendor, supplier, and labor management

We know that finding the right software can be overwhelming. Online directories such as Software Advice and Capterra help thousands of facilities managers choose the right facility management software for their business.

Facility management software helps you:

  • Mange assets and track important equipment information
  • Manage maintenance costs
  • Automate maintenance workflows
  • Create and manage recurring maintenance tasks
  • Increase asset reliability and uptime
  • Streamline work order processes, including repairs, requests, and completion rate tracking
  • Reduce space and maintenance costs

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) defines facility management as the “practice of coordinating the physical workplace with the people and work of the organization.” This covers a range of activities, from workplace management to equipment maintenance and space planning.

According to wikipedia, facility management is defined as the "organizational function which integrates people, place and process within the built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business." Hippo CMMS was ranked number 1 by Finances Online for Facility Maintenance Software for 2020. "Hippo CMMS is a powerful yet user-friendly maintenance management system. Completely web-based, this multi-awarded software is suited for a variety of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, education, hospitality, and many more. It is equipped to help facility managers maximize assets, ensure compliance, as well as reduce maintenance costs."

Trusted by Facility Managers and Facilities Coordinators

Super easy but also robust

I love that there is a minimal learning curve. I can limit abilities for each user but make changes as they learn and become more comfortable. I tell all new users, "Feel free to explore. You can not screw anything up.”. This allows them to be more confident and curious.

Jennifer M.
Facilities Coordinator, The Pampered Chef

Starting Over with Nothing

This software was easy to implement and set up. It was also easy to get my staff trained on it. It is comprehensive for all our needs and the HIPPO organization gave us a lot of support and assistance. Can't beat the price and service for the Return. We are very appreciative.

Christ For The Nations

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