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CMMS Software Benefits

Cut costs
Reduce downtime by making the jump to preventive maintenance. Instead of waiting for assets to fail, proactively schedule inspections, and maintenance tasks to catch small issues before they develop into big problems. 

Gain oversight
See the maintenance big picture with robust tracking and autogenerated reports. The first step to controlling your budget is knowing where the money is going.

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CMMS software makes your job easier. It helps you:
cmms software to reduce equipment downtime to a minimum

Reduce equipment downtime to a minimum

cmms software to cut maintenance costs overall

Cut maintenance costs overall

cmms software to extend asset life

Extend asset life

cmms software to automate preventive maintenance scheduling

Automate preventive maintenance scheduling

Hippo CMMS: User-Friendly CMMS Software for Facilities and Plants


Trends in CMMS Software

Cloud computing
Modern CMMS software has moved from on-premises deployments to web-based solutions. Instead of local servers you have to buy and maintain, the software and data are hosted in the cloud, ensuring they're always accessible from any Internet-connected desktop or mobile device.

Software as a service model
With the SaaS model, providers secure, patch, and update the software for you. And even though they're hosting your data, it always remains your property. All the cost and worry of maintaining the IT infrastructure has been taken off your shoulders.


Choosing CMMS Software

Is CMMS software right for you? You already know the old methods don't work. Spreadsheets and paper-and-pen systems waste your time and try your patience. Think of how easy it is for human error to slip into the process. All it takes is copy and pasting into the wrong cell or misplacing a single piece of paper. Small mistakes quickly get compounded. Do any of these sound familiar?
  • Unreliable data on maintenance history, costs, and other KPIs
  • Disorganized inventory and asset management
  • Piled-up work orders
  • Unplanned, costly repairs
  • Increased downtime, lowered productivity
  • Incomplete preventive maintenance tasks


Hippo CMMS keeps your data safe and automates key workflows.
Get work done, perfectly and on time.

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Hippo Mobile

Hippo Mobile is the tool technicians need to get more done from anywhere, at any time. Faster features, even offline. Available on iOS and Android.

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Check out our CMMS software reviews to see what customers say about us.

The customer service is exceptional, and the system is extremely user-friendly. Hippo CMMS - The best move our company has made in years!

Stephanie MacIntyre

Hippo has been a great overall experience with our company. We recently implemented this at our food production plant and it has met all our needs. It is very user friendly which was a big part in making a decision. It helps us meet all FDA standards within regards of record keeping. I would recommend this program to another company.

Brady Cummings
Mancinis Bakery

Awards and Recognition

Hippo never stops pushing to make our CMMS even better, and all our hard work is paying off with awards from across the industry.