Complete Onsite Audit

Leave the heavy lifting for us! Get your Hippo CMMS database up and running 85% faster with an on-site audit. Our experts come to you and take a full inventory of all the facilities assets including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, kitchen, production equipment and more. An audit is the quickest way to ensure timely setup and an optimized account, especially for those customers who don’t have the resources or time to spend on gathering equipment information. After your audit is complete and all collected data imported, our expert will arrange a quality check meeting walking you through your account data to ensure it meets customer standards.

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Data Migration from Another CMMS

Purchasing a new system doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. If you’re looking to upgrade your CMMS but don’t want to lose your current maintenance information, opt for our Maintenance History Import. Our data migration team will quickly transfer all maintenance history data from your old CMMS software into your new Hippo database.

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Custom Report Configuration

Hippo’s comprehensive reporting capabilities allow users insight into all aspects of their maintenance operations. From overdue work order reports to extensive maintenance history analysis to notifications on low spare parts quantities, our data integration team will configure custom reports specific to your maintenance operations.

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Free CMMS Basics E-Book

CMMS Basics and Beyond: An Impartial Guide to Purchase and Implement the Best CMMS For Your Business

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Awards and Recognition

Hippo never stops pushing to make our CMMS even better, and all our hard work is paying off with awards from across the industry.