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On-Demand, Unscheduled Maintenance Hurts Organizations

If your organization currently deals with a lot of reactive, on-demand maintenance, chances are you're struggling with high maintenance costs and increased downtime. It’s time to switch to a more reliable maintenance strategy.

Corrective maintenance issues

Unexpected Repairs


Overtime Labor Costs


Reduced Equipment Life Expectancy


Production Errors


Workplace Accidents


Equipment Downtime

Hippo's preventive maintenance software helps you not only generate and track work orders but also set up and track PM schedules, making it easy to prevent equipment downtime and increase asset life spans. If you’re looking to make your facilities management and maintenance operations as efficient, lean, and agile as possible, a preventive maintenance program is essential. 

"In a survey of over 500 facilities and maintenance professionals, 94% ranked preventive maintenance as most important."

User-Friendly Preventive Maintenance Software

Preventive maintenance software is one of the most important features that any CMMS solution can offer an organization. Without a scheduled preventive maintenance program, routine equipment checks go overlooked for critical facility and production equipment. This results in unscheduled downtime, high repair costs, unexpected labor demands, unhappy customers, endless emergencies, and serious accidents. Can your organization afford any of these avoidable problems?

Hippo CMMS comes equipped with a simple, powerful preventative maintenance software solution that ensures the upkeep of company assets by establishing a schedule of routine preventive maintenance. Hippo’s preventative maintenance program is flexible and easy to use. Maintenance schedules can be set based on the calendar or triggered by meters. And for every PM, you can create clearly defined step-by-step instructions and checklists and attach all the necessary reference documents like manuals, images, schematics, and warranties.


Is CMMS Software Right for Your Department?

Do any of these sound familiar?
  • Unreliable data on maintenance history, costs, and other KPIs
  • Disorganized inventory and asset management
  • Piled-up work orders

Why Use Preventive Maintenance Software?

Because without it, you're only ever reacting to problems, never getting out ahead of them.
  • Without a structured PM program, you're stuck relying on run-to-failure and on-demand work orders. Scheduling resources and controlling inventory are challenging when you can never plan beyond the next surprise breakdown. As critical facility and production equipment gets overlooked, downtime and repair costs rise.
  • Preventive maintenance software,  a core module of EAM software, helps you develop, schedule, and track a PM program that cuts downtime and boosts asset and equipment life cycles. Data-packed preventive maintenance work orders include everything technicians needs to close out efficiently, including customizable step-by-step instructions, associated parts and materials, digital copies of O&M manuals, images, and schematics.
preventive maintenance software

Hippo: Easy-To-Use with All the Right Features




  • Work order management
  • Preventive maintenance management
  • Interactive site and floor plans
  • Parts and materials management
  • Resource labor management
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Equipment and asset management
  • Third-party, vendor management


Hippo CMMS Mobile App Features for Preventive Maintenance

All the features techs need to close out PMs efficientlyon the go.

We didn't just move the desktop version over to your phone. The app boasts a clean UX with simple, fast navigation. And because it ties in directly to your mobile device's hardware, we included new features like bar code scanning, direct image uploads, and even the ability to work offline.

The benefits start right at the beginning. As soon as the department assigns a new PM, techs can see a push notification on their mobile device. No more waiting for people to sign in before they can see their assignments. From there, techs can use the app to directly access their preventive maintenance work orders, including associated parts, instructions, checklists, and due dates.

Once they're onsite, they can use the built-in camera to quickly scan asset bar codes, ensuring their working on the right equipment. Because the assets are still up and running, there's often no outward signs of which one is scheduled for inspections and tasks. But with bar code and QR code scanning, techs know, for example, which of the three identical, side-by-side HVAC units to maintain. And while techs work, if they have questions or need an extra set of eyes on a problem, they can add comments or upload images directly to the PM. Maintenance managers can lend a hand or complete visual inspections remotely.

Techs go where the assets are, and that can mean working away from a reliable Internet connection. It could be anything from the second sub-basement to the top of a wind turbine. Techs can continue to use the app to review their PMs and capture critical data in real time. As soon as they're back online, the app syncs itself with the CMMS database, ensuring reliable tracking of preventive maintenance metrics and KPIs.


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Creating a Preventive Maintenance Plan in Hippo CMMS is Easy

Creating a schedule in Hippo work order software is a simple process, and then modifying and editing your preventive maintenance schedule is easy. Preventive maintenance tasks can be performed in as few as 3 clicks. Need more details on work orders? No problem! Once you know when you need your PMs, setting them up in the software is a snap. And there's lots of room for information that helps technicians close out PMs efficiently, boosting time on wrench.
preventive maintenance software is being used to schedule preventive maintenance work orders
Time-based PMs (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annually) with advance notifications
Preventative maintenance software is been used to create preventative maintenance work orders set to trigger according to specified meter reading
Meter-based PMs (ie run time hours or mileage) with advance notifications
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Updating Preventive Maintenance is a Snap

When preventive maintenance tasks are set, the assigned technician or vendor can view an upcoming maintenance tasks from the CMMS Calendar Dashboard. Email notifications alert technicians, ensuring nothing gets missed and everyone is prepared.


Simple work order forms with clear task lists ensure preventive maintenance is done on time and according to best practices.

Updating and closing preventive maintenance tasks is simple; open work order, enter any required details and mark it completed; it's intuitive and easy to learn. Adjust preventive maintenance procedures and schedules in the Hippo preventive maintenance software as needed, ensuring long-term upkeep of critical equipment and assets.

Use Hippo's CMMS to associate multiple predictive maintenance schedules for individual pieces of equipment, create work order templates that can be shared across facilities, set a clear task checklist, standardized procedures, job hazard lists, and lock out procedures on work orders as needed. Easily view, manage, and schedule preventative maintenance directly from the Hippo Calendar Dashboard. Enjoy easy access to equipment information such as location, images, O&M manuals, warranty info, model, and serial numbers.

Finding the right software can be overwhelming. Online directories such as Software Advice and Capterra helps thousands of maintenance managers choose the right preventative maintenance software for their business.

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Preventive Maintenance Benefits

You see improvements in your processes, including higher productivity at a lower cost. A CMMS-backed preventive maintenance software program delivers a host of benefits, both tangible and intangible, including:
  • Increased up-time, decreased unscheduled downtime
  • Increased compliance to both internal and external standards
  • Decreased risk to assets, equipment, and technicians
  • Decreased reliance on error-prone paper-based systems
  • Improved efficiency across all maintenance workflows
  • Higher morale and overall job satisfaction

Preventive maintenance tracking software solves a lot of problems, including inconsistent communication, failed PM plans, piled-up work orders, unplanned, costly repairs, increased downtime, and lowered productivity



The way Hippo CMMS allows us to streamline our maintenance requests and work orders has been huge in saving us time and manpower to complete our tasks. Our maintenance technicians receive prompt e-mail notifications when a work order has been submitted and that allows us to get a jump on things much quicker than we normally would.

Stephanie MacIntyre
Hippo CMMS - The best move our company has made in years!

Hippo has been a great overall experience with our company. We recently implemented this at our food production plant and it has met all our needs. It is very user friendly which was a big part in making a decision. It helps us meet all FDA standards within regards of record keeping. I would recommend this program to another company.

Brady Cummings
Mancinis Bakery

Awards and Recognition

Hippo never stops pushing to make our CMMS even better, and all our hard work is paying off with awards from across the industry.

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