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What is Inventory Management Software?

Efficient inventory management starts with setting up one single network for tracking parts, supplies, and other consumables in real time with perfect accuracy, detail, and traceability.

Hippo CMMS includes inventory management software features and functionality to streamline inventory control and deliver better tracking, less loss reduction, shorter order times with suppliers, reduced costs, and overall optimization of facility management.

Why Use Inventory Management Software?

Inventory is important for every organization because it represents an investment that is tied up until it's used in maintenance or production.

Mismanaged inventories lead to:
  • Missing inventory due to loss or theft
  • Incorrect ordering resulting in waste
  • Poor tracking of parts and consumables
  • Decreased warehouse organization
  • Expensive shipping and delivery delays
  • Higher costs and lower profits

Inventory Management Software Benefits

Hippo’s inventory maintenance software helps maintenance managers and technicians easily manage their inventory and supplies with real-time information on inventory levels, alerts when parts are low, and order details including suppliers, lead times, and costs.


Improved Efficiency

Inventory management software tracks data over time, painting a clear picture of use rates and supply needs.


Managed Inventory Levels

Inventory managers can refer to CMMS data to ensure inventory levels are where they need to be and materials are always readily available.


Easy Location Transfers

CMMS systems track all inventory items, so users know exactly what's available and where to find it.


Low Inventory Alerts

Modern CMMS solutions send low-inventory alerts, ensuring that critical parts and materials are always available and businesses suffer fewer costly interruptions.


Reduced Equipment Downtime

Delivering the right part at the right time for the right price, CMMS software ensures the maintenance department has what it needs, when it needs it.


Decreased Costs

Inventory managers can use inventory management software to strengthen and streamline workflows, reducing and even eliminating expensive rush orders.

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Key Features of Inventory Management Software

Modern CMMS software boasts a long list of features, including work order management, preventive maintenance management, facility management and maintenance, interactive dashboards, maps, and site plans, reporting tools packed with KPIs, equipment maintenance tracking, and vendor management.

Inventory management helps you:

  • Store information on part number, supplier, images, minimum and maximum thresholds, associated equipment, and storage locations
  • Associate parts with assets and equipment
  • Monitor inventory levels and quantity thresholds
  • Get real-time info on what's in stock and what's not
  • View parts on work orders related to specific equipment types
  • Generate inventory reports to track inventory levels

KPIs to Track

When you're tracking inventory, you get all the parts information in one easy-to-access locationwith a better purchasing plan and visibility on what has been ordered. With better control of inventory costs you experience less downtime caused by lack of parts and zero confusion on whether you have a part that you need or not.

Good inventory management means never having to rush deliver parts. Once you hit your minimum levels, lead times are short enough to get new inventory in before it's needed. You never hit zero on any part. You're never out of stock. For the last KPI, you want parts to be in stock but not for a long time. It costs money to carry stock, and if you're timing your orders correctly, parts arrive just a bit of time before you need to use them. You're pushing the carrying costs back onto suppliers.

Implementing a new system can be daunting, because it's often hard to know even where to start. But when a maintenance department wants to take control of its inventory, the first steps are clear. To be successful at inventory management, you must maintain up-to-date records of the parts that the maintenance department has in inventory and then make those records accessible to managers and technicians in real-time and from anywhere. A CMMS gives you these capabilities, and over time, all the benefits that can be leveraged from them.

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The way Hippo CMMS allows us to streamline our maintenance requests and work orders has been huge in saving us time and manpower to complete our tasks. Our maintenance technicians receive prompt e-mail notifications when a work order has been submitted and that allows us to get a jump on things much quicker than we normally would.

Tylar Stauffer
Facility Manager, Golden State Warriors

Hippo has been a great overall experience with our company. We recently implemented this at our food production plant and it has met all our needs. It is very user friendly which was a big part in making a decision. It helps us meet all FDA standards within regards of record keeping. I would recommend this program to another company.

Brady Cummings
Mancinis Bakery

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