Stay properly stocked and ahead of the maintenance curve

With Hippo’s warehouse inventory management solution, you can schedule preventive maintenance to stay out ahead of problems and ensure you have the right parts right when you need them—all while staying on the move.

Hippo helps you:

  • Implement best practices across work orders
  • Track inventory locations, usage, and costs
  • Cut tech downtime and boost efficiency
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Implement best practices across work orders

Making improvements starts with being consistent. If something’s working for you, you want to keep recreating that success. But when things aren’t working, you still need them to be the same so you can effectively find the problem. You can’t improve your processes if techs keep making different mistakes. 

Hippo’s work order templates help you create consistency by making it easy to include step-by-step instructions and customizable checklists that help techs work both more efficiently and better. 

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Track inventory locations, usage, and costs

Think in threes. The inventory trifecta is having the right parts at the right time for the right price. And when it comes to inventory control, you need to know where the parts and materials are, who’s using them, and how much it’s all costing you. Hippo makes it easy to know where your inventory is with interactive site maps and floor plans. Send techs right where you need them. And with automated tracking on inventory levels, you know where parts and materials are going and how much it’s costing you to get them there. 

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Cut tech downtime and boost efficiency

Downtime isn’t just for assets and equipment. When your techs are wasting time running back and forth to the office to pick up paperwork and then looking all over the warehouse to find the right asset, they’re wasting both their time and your money.  

Hippo’s mobile app helps techs get more done while staying on the move, boosting time on wrench. Now techs have instant access to their assigned preventive maintenance inspections and tasks and the work orders that go with them. And when they have questions, they can directly upload images and comments, creating clear channels of communication on the go.

Types of Warehouse Maintenance and Inventory Management Software


The bigger your operation, the more parts and materials you need to track. Hand counts and paper records are too labor intensive and prone to error to keep you on top of your inventory counts. And even if you could rely on the data, it would always be historical, never up to date. Hippo’s centralized database means your data is safe, secure, and searchable with everyone on the team working from the exact same data. As soon as you’re running low on a part, everyone knows, and techs aren’t wasting time visiting empty bins.

Small Business

The smaller your operation, the tighter your margins, so you need to find the perfect balance for inventory. Carry too much, and you’re wasting resources first on storage and then on waste. But carry too little, and you don’t have the parts and materials needed to keep assets online. With customizable min/max levels and accurate, automatic tracking, you ensure you have exactly what you need, when you need it.

Warehouse Maintenance and Inventory Software Solutions and Benefits

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Warehouse Maintenance Management

Stay on top of maintenance and ensure your team is always using best practices with Hippo. With customizable templates, you can pack every work order with clear instructions and detailed checklists, so techs know what to do and how to do it right. And because techs can directly upload images to the work orders for remote visual inspections before they close out, you make sure work is done to your high standards.

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Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Managing maintenance comes down to managing your inventory. When an asset goes offline, and you don’t have the right parts and materials in inventory, you’re dealing not only with the cost of lost productivity but also what you’re paying in rush delivery fees. Hippo helps you make sure you have the right parts, right when you need them. With customizable par levels and automated inventory tracking, you’re always up to date on what you have and know exactly when to order more.

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Warehouse Equipment Management

The first step to taking control of equipment management is creating streamlined workflows to capture and share critical data. With Hippo’s centralized database accessible from any connected device, you can easily keep everyone on the team in the loop. Now when a tech starts working on a piece of equipment, they can see everything from its serial number to a comprehensive maintenance and repairs histories.

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Mobile Warehouse Management

Everything your techs do that’s not directly related to maintaining and repairing assets chips away at one of your most important KPIs, time on wrench. Every time they run back to the office for more paperwork, they’re becoming progressively less efficient. With Hippo’s mobile warehouse maintenance management app, techs can access everything they need while staying on the move, including work order assignments, asset data, associated inventory, and even digital maintenance and repair manuals.

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Warehouse CMMS

Because the layout is designed to get the most use out of the available space, a lot of warehouses feel a bit like mazes. And although that helps with leveraging your square footage, it can make life hard for new technicians trying to find the assets and equipment they need to fix. Hippo’s CMMS comes with interactive site maps and floor plans, so techs get exactly where they’re needed. Get the team moving in straight lines, not running around in circles.

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Warehouse Maintenance & Repair

Managing maintenance and repairs for your critical assets and equipment takes not only carefully planning but also the ability to quickly reprioritize resources to adapt to the unexpected. With Hippo, you can easily set up and schedule PMs, which you can then quickly move around the calendar with the simple, powerful drag-and-drop feature.

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Warehouse Preventive Maintenance

The last place you want to be is behind the maintenance curve, where you’re only ever reacting to problems. With preventive maintenance, you can schedule inspections and tasks that help you find and fix small issues before they have a chance to grow into big problems. And because you’re scheduling everything in advance, lining up the required parts and materials is easy.

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Warehouse Equipment Tracking

Not only are there a lot of parts and materials you need to track but there are also a lot of assets and equipment. And one of the big challenges is how much of it looks the same. How can techs tell the difference between one strip of conveyor belt from another?  

Hippo’s barcoding feature helps techs find and work on the right equipment. With a quick scan using the built-in camera on their mobile device, they have instant access to critical asset info, including serial numbers.

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Warehouse Vendor Management

The maintenance team is a group of skilled professionals, but there are always going to be projects where it makes more sense to bring in vendors, especially when dealing with specialized work related to compliance and safety. Hippo stores all your vendor contact information, so you can generate and send third-party work orders from directly inside the software. The vendors get the info they need, while you get better, easier tracking.

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Warehouse Work Order Management

You’re always going to have more assets than techs, making it impossible for them to catch every issue with inspections. You need a simple process for everyone in the warehouse to reach out and let you know about any problems. The open maintenance request portal allows anyone to quickly go online and submit a ticket. Once it’s in the system, you can approve the work and then generate, prioritize, assign, and track a work order.

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Need to know when you should replace the warehouse forklift? How many more years can you get out of the conveyor belt by the loading docks? If you don’t have a clear picture of what things are costing you to keep online, you can’t make good decisions about when to replace them. With Hippo’s reporting features, you can see how much assets are costing you, helping you make repair-or-replace decisions. Finally, make easy decisions with hard numbers.

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If you can’t track your maintenance work and inventory, you can’t track your costs. And without that big picture visibility, you cannot take control of your budget. The first step to saving money is knowing where you’re currently spending it. With Hippo reports, you can finally track your costs, helping you not only create transparency but also enforce accountability.

Warehouse Maintenance and Inventory Management Services

Get the benefits of a maintenance management system — like becoming more efficient, getting the most value from capital assets and equipment, and improving resource planning — without a time-consuming implementation, high costs, or a big learning curve.

Hippo CMMS is both powerful and easy to use. We provide full-circle customer onboarding focused on ensuring that your team adopts the software to give your business the best long-term ROI.

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Implementation and Setup

Across industries, the failure rate for CMMS implementation can be as high as 80%. Companies are left with low adoption rates leading to wasted time and money.

We make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Hippo is easy to learn with a nice, clean interface and simple user experience, making it much easier to get everyone comfortable using our vendor management software.

Everyone on the team, from young techs who grew up on smartphones to more experience techs who cut their teeth on paper and punch cards, can learn the software quickly. You don’t have to sell them on the benefits; they can see them for themselves.



Get up and running in no time with Hippo’s systematic, concise approach to training backed by knowledgeable, approachable trainers.

Not everyone learns the same way, which is why we offer a library of video lessons, documentation, walkthroughs, and live online training sessions. There’s something for every type of learner.

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We designed Hippo to work for you, and that includes getting along well with your existing solutions.

Hippo’s versatile, document-supported open API opens a world of possibilities for you to integrate features and share data across platforms. Move smoothly between applications, never losing data or wasting time logging in and out of separate applications.

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Hippo is as focused on your success as you are, and we want you to get as much out of our software as you can. Our dedicated support team is here for you, with a complete library of how-to documents, videos, and updates on new features.

But more than that, we deliver live support from trained professionals who know the software and know how to help you get the best ROI you can. If you have an issue, they have the solution.

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Warehouse Maintenance and Inventory Management Software

Hippo’s warehouse maintenance and inventory management software helps you track people and parts so you can see the big picture, find new efficiencies, and make data-driven decisions.


Hippo CMMS covers all the bases for a CMMS tool and does it at such a low cost compared to enterprise solutions. Very customizable and easy to use with a great training library.
Nick Prafke
The way Hippo CMMS allows us to streamline our maintenance requests and work orders has been huge in saving us time and manpower to complete our tasks. Our maintenance technicians receive prompt e-mail notifications when a work order has been submitted and that allows us to get a jump on things much quicker than we normally would.
Tylar Stauffer
COX Automative