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Hit a Home Run with Hippo CMMS

Arenas and venues are large, maze-like facilities packed with expensive assets and equipment.

Hippo CMMS delivers the features you need to keep organized and stay in constant communication with your team from anywhere, at any time. Interactive floor plans get techs directly where they need to be, even in hard-to-find spots. Barcodes ensure they're working on the right assets while data-packed work orders with customizable instructions and checklists ensure techs handle tasks consistently and correctly.


Leading arenas and venues think alike


Stay Connected with Arena Management Software for Stadiums and Arenas

The Hippo Mobile app means you and your team can use your maintenance management software on any Internet-connected mobile device. Access everything from comprehensive asset data to current work orders and PMs.

Interactive site maps and floor plans make it easy to assign resource-related maintenance tasks or locate assets and equipment in hard-to-find areas. All repair and maintenance history and equipment downtime is tracked, and auto-generated reports make it easy to dig deep into facility data, including work order histories or staff and vendor performance.

work order management icon

Work Order Management

Generate and track work orders with asset histories, associated parts, manuals, and custom checklists

preventive maintenance icon

Preventive Maintenance

Schedule time- and meter-based PMs to avoid the stress and costs of on-demand, failure-based maintenance

vendor management icon

Vendor Management

Outsource maintenance tasks to third-party vendors through work orders. Manage all resources and suppliers directly through the CMMS


Maintenance Request Portal

Control ticket submission, approve or dismiss requests, generate, prioritize, and assign data-rich work orders


Interactive Site Maps and Plans

Locate assets instantly and access room and space information. No more running in circles

mobile sync icon

Mobile Sync

Keep everyone in the loop and working from the same data with real-time updates on the go

automated reports

Automated Reports

Get the big picture with customizable reports. The first step to cutting costs is following the money

equipment and asset management icon

Equipment and Asset Management

Monitor performance associated labor and parts to make informed repair-or-replace decisions



Hippo has grown as we have grown, from a couple of locations to 12 since we started with them. Helps us tell the story of what is happening in our buildings.



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Facilities Professional at a Non Profit

Literally helps me to do my job to the best of my ability everyday. Love this product and recommend it to everyone I work with.



Jordan H.
Maintenance Technician, Golden Links Lodge

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