Boost Efficiency Across Locations with Hippo CMMS

With traditionally high turnover rates and traveling techs jumping between multiple locations, consistency has always been the number one challenge in retail and restaurants.

Hippo CMMS standardizes, streamlines, and strengthens workflows so the right work gets done properly. Every work order request starts at the quick, intuitive open portal, where required fields ensure staff are sending you the right information with little to no additional training. From there, you can remotely manage all your on-demand and preventive maintenance work orders, packing them with checklists and step-by-step instructions to keep everything up to code and running smoothly.

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Get Organized with Maintenance Software for Restaurant and Retail Businesses

Traditional methods that rely on paper or spreadsheets struggle to keep up with small operations with one technicians, but they completely fall apart once multiple staff, techs, and third-party vendors need to efficiently add, update, and access accurate data.

Hippo CMMS  maintenance management software pulls all your data into one spot and then keeps it safe and makes it accessible. With the ability to track work and inventory across multiple locations, Hippo CMMS puts you right where you need to be: everywhere at once.

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Work Order Management

Generate and track work orders with asset histories, associated parts, manuals, and custom checklists

Inspection event scheduling

Preventive Maintenance

Schedule time- and meter-based PMs to avoid the stress and costs of on-demand, failure-based maintenance

Asset equipment management

Maintenance Request Portal

Control ticket submission, approve or dismiss requests, generate, prioritize, and assign data-rich work orders


Equipment and Inventory Management

Monitor performance associated labor and parts to make informed repair-or-replace decisions

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Inspection and Event Scheduling

Stay on top of inspections, work orders, and PMs with built-in scheduling. Move past endless on-demand work orders


Barcode Reading

Create barcodes for all assets and equipment. Scan codes for instant access to comprehensive asset data


Mobile Sync

Keep everyone in the loop and working from the same data with real-time updates on the go

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Lifetime Technical Support

Depend on Hippo’s Customer Success team for quick, thorough help

Maintenance portal

Inventory Control

Set alerts for refill levels. Accurate, real-time data cuts carrying and rush-delivery costs


Interactive Site Maps and Plans

Locate assets instantly and access room and space information. No more running in circles


This has been the easiest software to use and train others to use. This software has helped us become an SQF certified company.
Barrett H.
Facilities Professional, Mr. Mudbug Inc.
Having a CMMS that is easy to use streamlines our maintenance department. Work orders are easy to schedule and complete. Scheduled PM's have helped with lowering the number of unplanned maintenance downtime, increasing our overall production efficiency and minimizing our defects.
Maintenance Technician
Small Business Food Company

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