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Get a Helping Hand with Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS delivers a practical, cost-effective maintenance management system perfect for the challenges facing non-profits. Our user-friendly interface is easy enough for anyone to quickly learn, adopt, and leverage—regardless of computer skill level. Staff and community members can submit standardized maintenance requests using the open portal, where the maintenance lead then reviews and approves them before generating, prioritizing, delegating, and tracking on-demand work orders—from any desktop or Internet-connected mobile device.


Leading non-profits think alike


Get Robust, Accurate Cost Tracking

Non-profits live or die by their budgets. Many survive on razor-thin margins, and future grants and donations depend on how effectively they manage their current resources.
Automated reporting makes it possible to see the maintenance big picture, and knowing where your money is going is always the first step to taking back control of your budget. Maintenance leads can drill down into the numbers to see which assets are costing the most to run. And the board of directors can include maintenance costs in their overhead reporting, assuring donors that money is being used responsibly and that as much as possible is going to the organization's main mission.
work order management

Work Order Management

Generate and track work orders with asset histories, associated parts, manuals, and custom checklists

preventive maintenance icon

Preventive Maintenance

Schedule time- and meter-based PMs to avoid the stress and costs of on-demand, failure-based maintenance


Interactive Site Maps and Plans

Locate assets instantly and access room and space information. No more running in circles

automated reports

Automated Reports

Get the big picture with customizable reports. The first step to cutting costs is following the money

inventory control icon

Inventory Control

Set alerts for refill levels. Accurate, real-time data cuts carrying and rush-delivery costs

mobile sync icon

Mobile Sync

Keep everyone in the loop and working from the same data with real-time updates on the go

equipment and asset management icon

Equipment and Asset Management

Monitor performance associated labor and parts to make informed repair-or-replace decisions

maintenance request portal

Maintenance Request Portal

Control ticket submission, approve or dismiss requests, generate, prioritize, and assign data-rich work orders



Hippo CMMS covers all the bases for a CMMS tool and does it at such a low cost compared to enterprise solutions. Very customizable and easy to use with a great training library.

Nick Prafke

The way Hippo CMMS allows us to streamline our maintenance requests and work orders has been huge in saving us time and manpower to complete our tasks. Our maintenance technicians receive prompt e-mail notifications when a work order has been submitted and that allows us to get a jump on things much quicker than we normally would.

Tylar Stauffer
COX Automative

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