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Maintenance software focused on employee efficiency and safety

To be successful in industrial manufacturing, you need complete visibility on every aspect of your maintenance operations, including assets, people, and parts. Modern CMMS puts you in control.

Hippo’s CMMS for manufacturing helps you:  

  • Capture data in real time and on the go
  • Centralize your data so it’s safe and searchable 
  • Manage assets, resources, and inventory 
  • See the whole operational effectiveness picture  
cmms software for manufacturing plant maintenance
manufacturing maintenance software

Capture data in real time and on the go

You’re trying to build products, not giant piles of paperwork. When you’re tied to old-fashioned paper-based methods, you’re wasting time at every step of the unreliable process. First, you scribble everything out by hand, increasing your chances of data corruption. From there, with your only copies on paper, you run the constant risk of losing data. Later, if someone needs to manually punch that data into a spreadsheet, you’re once again risking mistakes. 

Hippo CMMS for manufacturing makes data capture easy. Techs can use the mobile app to log information directly into the system in real time. And once it’s in Hippo, everyone on the team can see the updates. Everyone’s working from the same data, boosting transparency and accountability. 


Centralize your data so it’s safe and searchable

Old methods rely on stacks of paper or endless, slightly different versions of spreadsheets spread across email attachments. But the key to data you can trust and leverage is having it all in one spot, where you know it’s up to date. Hippo takes all your critical data and keeps it safe in a cloud-based database your team can access from any Internet-connected mobile device.  

And the best part is we do all the IT heavy lifting for you, from helping you set up the database to running all the security and updates.  


Manage assets, resources, and inventory

With all your data in one spot, it’s much easier to take control of your maintenance programs. Schedule PMs for all your critical assets and equipment for when they work best for you. Hourly PMs for shift oriented work, including cleaning schedules. Assign resources to the work orders that best fit their skill sets, while still being able to re-prioritize work as demands change.   

And with inventory control, you can cut downtime by ensuring your team has the parts and materials they need right when they need them. Set par levels and have the software send you alerts as soon as you’re running low. Keep track of inventory automatically by associating parts and materials with PMs and work orders. Best of all, avoid the stress of having operators standing idle as techs try to track down critical parts. 

manufacturing worker

See the whole operational effectiveness picture

Hippo’s CMMS for manufacturing delivers what you need most: control over equipment, people, and parts. The first step is by making it easy for you to know where you stand right now. With easy-to-read, customizable dashboards, you can see all the assigned jobs, schedule and prioritize tasks, and track progress. It’s much easier to ensure safety and compliance when you can reliably assign work and know the team can properly complete it. And interactive site plans and floor maps show you exactly where everything is, making scheduling more intuitive and efficient. 

When you can see the big picture, you can finally make decisions driven by reliable data instead of following your gut and hoping for the best. 

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Manufacturing Plant Maintenance
Software Benefits & Solutions

Manufacturing Asset Management

Manufacturing Asset Management

Before you can manufacture anything, you need your assets online, up and running. And for every minute they’re down, it’s costing you money and frustration. Hippo CMMS gives you the tools you need to build reliable manufacturing lines that maximize productivity without compromising on safety.

Manufacturing Plant Mobile Management

Manufacturing Plant Mobile Management

Maintenance doesn’t happen from behind a desk. You need your data to be out where you are, on the factory floor or moving between manufacturing plants. Hippo’s mobile maintenance app helps you do everything from generating and assigning work orders to tracking work in progress.

And with a quick scan of a bar code on an asset, techs get all the information they need to work efficiently, including equipment data and open associated work orders and PMs.

CMMS manufacturing

Manufacturing CMMS

Paper and spreadsheets do more than just slow you down; they also trip you up with unreliable, out-of-date data. Maintenance is hard enough. Why make your life even harder?  

Modern CMMS software puts you in control with streamlined work order management, PM scheduling, and real-time inventory control. Keep the production line up and running without running yourself and your team into the ground. 

Manufacturing Repair

Manufacturing Repair

As soon as the production line goes down, you’re losing money. Modern CMMS solutions help you keep the line running with regularly scheduled maintenance and fast repairs. Track all your work on one platform to discover and implement stronger, faster workflows.

Manufacturing Preventive Maintenance

Manufacturing Preventive Maintenance

With paper and spreadsheets, it’s too easy for work to slip through the cracks, increasing your risk of expensive unscheduled downtime. With Hippo’s autogenerated PMs and easy tracking, you can stay safely ahead of problems. And the easy-to-read dashboards with drag-and-drop functionality make scheduling as simple as a few well-placed clicks.

Manufacturing Inventory Management

Manufacturing Inventory Management

How much of your annual MRO inventory budget are you wasting? It could be as much as 80%. Get the right parts right when you need them with Hippo’s built-in inventory tracking. Set min/max levels with auto-alerts so you always know when to send in the next order based on past usage rates and vendor lead times.

Manufacturing Asset Tracking and Management

Manufacturing Asset Tracking and Management

You can only start to make the right decisions when you have the right data. Hippo’s asset tracking covers everything from historical maintenance and repairs histories to current inventory levels and future PM schedules. Use data-driven decision-making for setting PMs to repair-or-replace decisions throughout the life cycle. 

Manufacturing Plant Vendor Management

Manufacturing Plant Vendor Management

Communication is key when working with outside vendors, and the last thing you need is an endless game of email or phone tag that leaves everyone confused and frustrated. Hippo CMMS makes sure everyone stays in the loop with the right information. Keep all your vendor contact info right inside Hippo, and email work orders directly to contacts with the information they need to get the job done right and on time.

Manufacturing Work Orders

Manufacturing Work Orders

At the core of your maintenance management program is the work order, which is why relying on old paper and spreadsheet methods causes so many problems. One lost sheet of paper or an out-of-date piece of data causes problems down the whole workflow. 

Hippo CMMS for manufacturing streamlines and strengthens the whole process, eliminating the errors that always creep in when trying to copy data from paper or spreadsheets. With one central database to keep everything safe, secure, and searchable, you can finally start trusting your data.

Manufacturing Planning

Manufacturing Planning

The further off you can see something coming, the easier it is to prepare. With our plant CMMS software, you’re never caught off guard.  

Schedule PMs for the times that work best for you. Line up inventory so it arrives just when you need it, cutting both expensive rush deliveries and ongoing carrying costs. Easily ensure you have the right resources scheduled for the right jobs. No more expensive surprises. 


Manufacturing Equipment Management

Managing equipment is like juggling glass: you can’t afford to let anything fall. Modern CMMS equipment management solutions are the extra set of hands you need to keep your operations up and running safely. 

Best of all, Hippo is easy to use, with a simple, powerful user experience that never slows you down or gets in your way. 



Hippo doesn’t just keep your data safe, secure, and searchable. It also crunches all those numbers for you to deliver reports packed with easy-to-read graphs and easy-to-understand KPIs for real insights into your operations. Now that you can see the maintenance big picture, you can fine-tune your workflows to maximize value. Take the guesswork out of maintenance management.


Get Ahead of Industry Standards

Take control of your assets and equipment. Then take the lead in your industry. Hippo CMMS delivers the features and workflows you need for efficient asset and maintenance management.

manufacturing plant maintenance software
manufacturing maintenance software


Hippo makes sure your implementation goes smoothly, helping you navigate around the common pitfalls. And there are more than a few, In fact, up to 80% of CMMS software implementations fail. Why? Lack of support from the provider and lack of buy-in from the techs because the software is complicated and hard to learn. 

Hippo has you covered. Our team of specialists have seen it all and know all the tricks. On top of that, Hippo is easy to learn, which means techs like and use the software.

manufacturing maintenance software


Get up and running in no time with Hippo's comprehensive training backed by knowledgeable, approachable trainers who understand your challenges and speak your language.  

We offer a variety of video lessons, documentation, walkthroughs, and live online training sessions to meet the needs of every kind of learner, from the tech-phobic to the tech-savvy.

manufacturing maintenance software


Make the connection with Hippo CMMS. We designed our CMMS to work for you, and that includes working with your existing solutions. Hippo’s versatile, document-supported open API opens a lot of new possibilities for you to integrate features and share data with existing platforms. 

Take the workflows you already like, build on them, and make them even better.

Manufacturing Plant CMMS Software

Your manufacturing plant depends on you and the maintenance department to keep the line moving, holding down costs while pushing uptime and reliability. Old maintenance methods just don’t cut it anymore. 

Hippo CMMS software for manufacturing helps you meet your uptime goals without breaking the budget.  

Ready to do less work and get more done?

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Hippo is an easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to manage platform. It has changed the way our department operates for the better.



Mark P.
Assistant Facilities Director, Wayne Metropolitan Action Agency

Hippo is a strong CMMS, and it gets better everyday.




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