Reliable Data and Repeatable Processes for Sustainable City Growth

You’re always working with a limited budget, so you need to get the most from your assets, equipment, and people. We understand the challenges. And we deliver the solution. Hippo CMMS moves all your data to the cloud, where it’s safe, secure, and searchable. And now that everyone on the team has easy access, you can streamline your workflows, boosting efficiency and cutting costs.

Hippo helps you:

  • Stop wasting money on unused inventory
  • Spend less keeping assets online
  • Cut inefficiencies from workflows
  • Prevent critical knowledge from escaping
  • Never fall out of compliance
  • Shine a light on your team’s value
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Stop wasting money on unused inventory

The hardest part of inventory control is keeping accurate levels. But once you can trust your numbers, it’s a lot easier to know how much you need and when you need it. Hippo CMMS makes tracking inventory easy. Associate parts and materials with work orders, and the software updates the levels as soon as the tech closes out. And with customizable par levels, you get automatically alerted when it’s time to order more.

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Spend less keeping assets online

Save time, money, and frustration with a solid, trackable preventive maintenance schedule packed with usage- and time-based inspections and tasks. When you’re finding little issues sooner, it costs a lot less for you to make small fixes. PMs also help extend asset life cycles, which means you get the maximum value from assets and equipment.

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Cut inefficiencies from workflows

Boost tech’s efficiency by cutting the amount of time they’re running around in circles picking up and dropping off paper work orders, hunting for parts without even knowing if they’re in stock or not, and chasing down other techs asking for help. With Hippo’s mobile maintenance app, they have everything they need to work fast right at their fingertips. They can check and access new work orders, review associated parts and materials, and upload task and work order comments – all right from any connected device.

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Prevent critical knowledge from escaping

Did someone lose the OEM manual for a critical asset, but no one’s worried because a few techs know all the SOPs by heart? What happens when they transfer or retire? Protect yourself and the department by building out work order and PM templates. Keep all that insider’s knowledge safe and accessible in easy-to-add checklists and instructions.

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Never fall out of compliance

You’ve done the work to keep the city compliant, but can you prove it? Hippo gives you an always-connected database of all your equipment inspections and tasks. New work is instantly reflected in the data, so when it’s time for an audit, Hippo helps you prove you did the right work.

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Shine a light on your team’s value

Preventive maintenance saves you money in two ways. One, it simply costs less to find and fix small issues than trying to tackle big problems. Checking the oil is always going to be cheaper than replacing a seized engine. In fact, reactive work orders can cost you 37% more than PMs.

But PMs also save you from costly downtime and lost productivity.

Government CMMS Software for Public
Work and Municipalities

Public Works CMMS Software

Covering everything from hospital buildings to water treatment centers, public works include all the infrastructure your city needs to support both its people and businesses. When your infrastructure starts to fall apart, so does your local economy, which is why a modern CMMS solution is critical to your overall success. Hippo CMMS is the solution you need to schedule work and track progress.

Municipalities CMMS Software

Municipalities might have a reputation for being smaller than cities, but the demands are just as pressing. If they want thriving communities, local governments must deliver quality, reliable services. Hippo makes it possible by streamlining and strengthening workflows that keep infrastructure online.

Government CMMS Software Benefits & Solutions

PM Workorder

Government Asset Management

Among all the ones your department looks after, the most important asset in the city is the hard-won maintenance know-how the team has earned through long experience keeping everything online. Ensure you don’t lose important processes and procedures by securing all your data in one central database that everyone on the team can access from anywhere, at any time.

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Government Mobile Management

With so many assets and equipment spread out from City Hall to juvenile hall, your team needs a system for staying in touch from far away. Hippo’s mobile app delivers what techs need to work efficiently and close out quickly, including instant access to their assigned work orders. And whenever they have a question, they can reach out remotely with direct image uploads and task and work order comments.

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Government CMMS

As your city grows and assets get increasingly spread out, you need a way to bring all your data together, so you know it’s accurate and up to date. Modern CMMS solutions use a centralized database, so everyone can see and work from the same dataset. No more running around trying to hand out and collect work orders on scraps of paper.

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Government Maintenance & Repair

New York is “the city that never sleeps,” but you know from direct experience in maintenance that, in fact, no city anywhere every really sleeps. And with an endless and every-growing list of maintenance tasks and on-demand repairs, trying to manage it all with paper or spreadsheets is impossible. Hippo delivers the scheduling tools you need to stay on top of maintenance and efficiently tackle on-demand repairs.

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Government Preventive Maintenance

Budgets are always tight, and the city needs to get the most value out of their assets and equipment as possible. That’s where the maintenance team comes in. With a calendar of properly scheduled preventive maintenance inspections and tasks, your department ensures everything runs as smoothly as possible for as long as possible.

Extending the useful life of an asset for just a few extra seasons delivers real savings, keeping the budget in the black.

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Government Inventory Management

Tracking all the inventory in one warehouse or location is a headache when you’re stuck using paper and spreadsheets, but it’s basically impossible when you have to control inventory across different facilities. Hippo makes it not only possible but easy by letting you automate critical steps, ensuring your data stays accurate and up to date. And as soon as you start running low, Hippo’s inventory management software sends you an alert so you can organize and send purchase orders directly from inside the software.

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Government Asset Tracking and Management

With so many assets to look after, you can’t keep up with paper and spreadsheets. There are too many moving parts. Hippo takes all your data and keeps it in one spot, where everyone on the team can easily access it. Store everything from asset serial numbers to comprehensive maintenance and repair histories. Now you know what you have and where it is.

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Government Vendor Management

The maintenance department does a ton, but it can’t do it all. When you need to bring in vendors for special projects and regulated work related to compliance like fire suppression systems, you need an easy way to bring outside teams into your management system. Hippo makes it simple by storing all your vendor contacts and then helping you send work orders right from inside the software.

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Government Work Orders

The maintenance team has a lot of work to do, but just as important as the amount is the order. You can’t have the team painting the side of the local library while the school basement is flooding. Hippo helps you not only organize but also prioritize work orders fast with simple, powerful drag-and-drop features. Get the right work done, in the right order.

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Government Equipment Management

Managing equipment starts with a solid work order workflow. Hippo’s open request portal makes it easy for anyone to contact the maintenance department with a request, which the department can then approve and generate, prioritize, and assign as a work order. And because the whole system lives in the cloud, you can do everything from anywhere.

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Government Planning

The maintenance team needs to plan out its schedule, ensuring it has the right people at the right place. Hippo helps with its clear, intuitive dashboard and calendar views, showing you your entire operation.

But it’s more than that; Hippo helps make long-term planning less stressful by helping you track repairs and costs for every asset, so you know when it’s time to stop repairing and start replacing.

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Government Reporting

Government work often comes down to budget control. You need accurate numbers, so you know exactly where your money is going and how to get even more from your resources. Hippo makes the whole process easy, from start to finish. First, it captures data for you, eliminating the mistakes that come from manually entering data. And once it has the data, it does all the math for you, delivering graphs, maintenance metrics, and KPIs that show you exactly how your operation is running and where you can find more savings.

Hippo Government CMMS Services

Get the benefits of a maintenance management system — like becoming more efficient, getting the most value from capital assets and equipment, and improving resource planning — without a time-consuming implementation, high costs, or a big learning curve.

Hippo CMMS is both powerful and easy to use. We provide full-circle customer onboarding focused on ensuring that your team adopts the software to give your business the best long-term ROI.

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Implementation and Setup

Across industries, the failure rate for CMMS implementation can be as high as 80%. Companies are left with low adoption rates leading to wasted time and money.

We make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Hippo is easy to learn with a nice, clean interface and simple user experience, making it much easier to get everyone comfortable using our vendor management software.

Everyone on the team, from young techs who grew up on smartphones to more experience techs who cut their teeth on paper and punch cards, can learn the software quickly. You don’t have to sell them on the benefits; they can see them for themselves.



Get up and running in no time with Hippo’s systematic, concise approach to training backed by knowledgeable, approachable trainers.

Not everyone learns the same way, which is why we offer a library of video lessons, documentation, walkthroughs, and live online training sessions. There’s something for every type of learner.

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We designed Hippo to work for you, and that includes getting along well with your existing solutions.

Hippo’s versatile, document-supported open API opens a world of possibilities for you to integrate features and share data across platforms. Move smoothly between applications, never losing data or wasting time logging in and out of separate applications.

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Government CMMS Software

The whole city is depending on you, and Hippo helps you deliver. Set up, schedule, and track PMs for maximum value from assets and equipment. Prioritize, assign, and track work orders to stay on top of your maintenance team of techs across multiple locations.


Hippo CMMS covers all the bases for a CMMS tool and does it at such a low cost compared to enterprise solutions. Very customizable and easy to use with a great training library.
Nick Prafke
The way Hippo CMMS allows us to streamline our maintenance requests and work orders has been huge in saving us time and manpower to complete our tasks. Our maintenance technicians receive prompt e-mail notifications when a work order has been submitted and that allows us to get a jump on things much quicker than we normally would.
Tylar Stauffer
COX Automative