Centralize mobile maintenance with Hippo

With so much data to track for assets spread out across the campus, you need a way to pull everything together so you can effectively mobilize the maintenance team at your school or college.

Hippo’s maintenance software for educational facilities helps you:
  • Plan maintenance activities and delegate tasks efficiently>
  • Pack the digital toolbox with everything techs need to succeed
  • Stay a step ahead with preventive maintenance
  • Organize all your assets across campus
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asset and work order management

Plan maintenance activities and delegate tasks efficiently

Effective maintenance management, even at schools, isn’t about sitting behind a desk. You and your team are often out and about, doing hands-on work. But being out of the office makes it a bit tougher for people to track you down. With Hippo’s open request portal, anyone with access can send you a detailed maintenance request. Once you review and approve it, you can generate, prioritize, assign, and track new work orders — all from the same platform.


Pack the digital toolbox with everything techs need to succeed

How do students do well on tests? Before students can do well on a test, the teacher has to first give them all the information they need, organized into clear explanations. It’s the same with Hippo’s mobile app and maintenance techs. They get direct access to all their assignments, which they can even review offline. And any data they capture is automatically synced when they get back online.

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Stay a step ahead with preventive maintenance

Planning is impossible unless you have a real sense of the scheduled work and how everything fits together on the calendar. Hippo makes it easy to plan out your whole operation with easy-to-read dashboards. Need to make a quick change? You can drag and drop assignments to new dates. And because everyone is working from the same data sets, you never have to worry about anyone falling out of the loop.


Organize all your assets across campus

No matter the size of the campus, your techs eventually run into trouble finding the right assets. There are just too many rooms and too many similar pieces of equipment. Get the team right where you need them — right away — with interactive site plans that cover the whole campus and floor maps that show the exact location of every asset you need to maintain. And with quick filters, techs see only their assigned work orders, helping them find the right spot is even faster.


Different Solutions for Different Educational Institutions

Higher ed

Higher Education

(Universities and Community Colleges) The average university or college campus is basically a small city, with the same number and range of assets and equipment. There’s everything from dorms to labs, and it’s your job to keep everything up and online. Hippo helps you accept maintenance requests, schedule preventive maintenance, track inventory, and organize third-party vendors–all from one easy-to-learn software solution.

K 12

K-12 Education

(Elementary, Middle and High School) There’s never been more pressure to keep schools clean and safe. When it comes to younger students, even the smallest incomplete repairs can lead to injury. With Hippo’s streamlined workflows, your team can work both efficiently and carefully, ensuring work is completed quickly and properly. And with reliable data and detailed reports, you can get the most out of your limited budget.

Elearning 1

eLearning and Digital Education

As more and more schools expand into online learning, there’s a new set of pressures to maintain the tech that keeps them online. Not only do maintenance techs need easy access to instructions and checklists but they also need a fast way to tell all the similar looking assets apart. With barcode scanning, a tech can walk into any storage room and quickly find the asset they’ve been assigned.

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Young kids can’t tell you when a piece of equipment is broken or unsafe, so your team needs a proactive schedule of inspections to find and fix issues early. Hippo’s scheduling module makes it easy to set up and schedule inspections and preventive maintenance tasks that keep schools safe for young and adventurous learners.

Technical school

Vocational and Technical Education

Students are there to gain practical, hand-on knowledge, and for that to happen, you need to ensure equipment is up and running for them. Hippo helps your techs close out efficiently, no matter where they are on campus — even offline.

Education CMMS Software Benefits & Solutions

mobile work order software app

Mobile Management

Your maintenance techs can’t get their work done sitting behind desks. They’re on the move, so you need a solution that can keep up with them – no matter where they go. With the Hippo mobile app, techs can access critical asset info on the go. And if they’re ever out of Internet range, they can still capture data, automatically syncing when they reconnect.

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In the old days, students wrote everything down on chalk slates. But today, it’s hard to imagine a classroom without at least a few computers. Maintenance is the same: the old ways just can’t keep up with modern demands. CMMS software helps you get your work done properly and on time.

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Maintenance & Repair

There are so many things that go into successful learning, like passionate educators and inquisitive students. But schools also need assets and equipment that are safe and reliable. Your team is there to ensure the HVAC is running, the swing set is stable, and the classroom projectors are on. Hippo helps you deliver the best possible learning environment.

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Preventive Maintenance

It’s Grade One math: it always costs more to fix something after it’s already broken down. Catching issues early saves you time, money, and frustration. Hippo helps you set up, schedule, and track a complete calendar of preventive maintenance, keeping you ahead of trouble and up at the top of your class.

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Inventory Management

Maintenance at educational facilities almost always involves multiple facilities, which can make tracking down inventory a real challenge. The last thing you want is for your techs to arrive onsite unprepared. With Hippo, you know where your inventory is, ensuring techs have the right parts at the right time — and for the right price.

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Making good decisions comes down to having the right information. Backed by cloud-computing, Hippo makes it easy to capture data, keep it safe and secure, and then leverage it for data-driven decision-making.

work order vendor management software system

Vendor Management

The maintenance team always does as much as it can, but there are always times when you need to bring in vendors. Hippo makes it easy to keep your vendor contact info safe and accessible.

maintenance work order software system

Work Orders

Just like with school assignments, the last thing you want is someone claiming the dog ate their homework. CMMS work orders come with strong, connected workflows that help you make sure that you’re sending the right work to the right people, that they’re getting it and closing out efficiently.

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There are no second chances when it comes to the first day of a new semester. You need to make sure the maintenance team gets the right work done on time and within budget. With Hippo, you can see your whole schedule right in front of you, and you can even move inspections and tasks around the calendar with just a few clicks.

Maintenance Tracking

Equipment Management

Schools are packed with equipment, but the real challenge often comes from how so many of them look the same. Techs can end up wasting a lot of time trying to figure out which of the 20 desks to fix. But a quick bar code scan with our mobile app lets them know exactly where they need to be and what they need to do.

work order software system web based


Just like everyone else on campus, you’re working with math, and that includes “showing your work.” Hippo CMMS is like walking into the exam with a secret calculator: autogenerated reports help you track every aspect of your operations, from labor to inventory. Get the right answers, fast.

Hippo Facility CMMS Services

Get the benefits of a maintenance management system — like becoming more efficient, getting the most value from capital assets and equipment, and improving resource planning — without a time-consuming implementation, high costs, or a big learning curve.

Hippo CMMS is both powerful and easy to use. We provide full-circle customer onboarding focused on ensuring that your team adopts the software to give your business the best long-term ROI.

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Implementation and Setup

Across industries, the failure rate for CMMS implementation can be as high as 80%. Companies are left with low adoption rates leading to wasted time and money.  

We make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Hippo is easy to learn with a nice, clean interface and simple user experience, making it much easier to get everyone comfortable using our vendor management software.  

Everyone on the team, from young techs who grew up on smartphones to more experienced techs who cut their teeth on paper and punch cards, can learn the software quickly. You don’t have to sell them on the benefits; they can see them for themselves. 



Get up and running in no time with Hippo’s systematic, concise approach to training backed by knowledgeable, approachable trainers.

Not everyone learns the same way, which is why we offer a library of video lessons, documentation, walkthroughs, and live online training sessions. There’s something for every type of learner.

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We designed Hippo to work for you, and that includes getting along well with your existing solutions.

Hippo’s versatile, document-supported open API opens a world of possibilities for you to integrate features and share data across platforms. Move smoothly between applications, never losing data or wasting time logging in and out of separate applications.

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Hippo is as focused on your success as you are, and we want you to get as much out of our software as you can. Our dedicated support team is here for you, with a complete library of how-to documents, videos, and updates on new features.

But more than that, we deliver live support from trained professionals who know the software and know how to help you get the best ROI you can. If you have an issue, they have the solution.

Education CMMS Software

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Having HIPPO allows me to better communicate work order status to teachers. Keeping the teacher updated on where we are at with the work order is a big help.
Tom H.
Director of Facilities and Maintenance, Michigan Public Schools
We have moved from a homegrown system into a professional operation. Employees feel more empowered and motivated...their acceptance of this has improved their productivity.
Facilities Professional
Educational Institution