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Hippo Starter


Per user, per month
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Single Facility
  • Work Order Management
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Maintenance Request Portal
  • Equipment Management
  • Parts and Inventory
  • Reports and Insights
  • Calendar Dashboard
  • Up to 25 Unique Requesters
  • Up to 100 Equipment Items
  • Minimum 2 Users
Hippo Pro


Per user, per month
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Everything in Plus and..
  • Multiple Facilities / Locations
  • Work Order Templates
  • API Access
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Purchase Orders
  • Email to Maintenance Request
  • Hippo Mobile app
  • E-signature for Work Orders
  • Unlimited Requesters
  • Unlimited Equipment Items
  • Minimum 3 Users
Price of a CMMS that can be used in any device

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Onboarding for your success

At Hippo, we know that the first 6 months of implementation are the most critical for customer success. If you don’t have buy in from all users and adoption is low, the chance of the CMMS implementation being a success is not promising. We're not trying to scare you and there is really no need to worry.
We offer 3 onboarding packages:
  • Standard Onboarding
  • Enhanced Onboarding
  • Full Facility Audit
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No limits on data or work orders with Hippo CMMS pricing
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Hippo Mobile

Hippo Mobile is the tool technicians need to get more done from anywhere, at any time. Faster features, even offline. Available for customers on iOS and Android.

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Benefits of CMMS Software

The benefits of CMMS software go well beyond facility and equipment management
check pricing of a cmms that can help in work order management

Work order management

Submit work orders, assign assets and documents, track maintenance requests and seamlessly get requests in and status updates in real time, straight from your desktop.

check pricing of a cmms that can help in preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Maximize the longevity of assets, store information such as ID tags, O&M manuals, and warranty info, schedule both calendar-based and meter-based preventive maintenance tasks, and more.

check pricing of a cmms that can help to extend asset life

Asset and equipment management

Hippo’s maintenance management software allows easy access to documentation, such as images, video files, manuals and allows users to locate equipment on floor plans and maps instantly.

check pricing of a cmms that can help in inventory management

Facility management

Support your facility management program for all buildings and spaces. Hippo helps increase efficiency from desktop to mobile.

CMMS Pricing FAQs

How is the subscription fee determined?

Hippo CMMS subscription pricing is determined based on the number of users. A user is anyone who needs to log in and access Hippo's core features. Users include managers, owners, technicians, and supervisors. Maintenance requesters are not users.

Price is also determined by required features. We have pricing plans for complex operations that require deeper functionality and plans for simple operations that are new to CMMS.

What does it cost to get set up and trained?

At iOFFICE + SpaceIQ, we refer to set up and training as onboarding and we have dedicated Onboarding Specialists for each customer.

We provide Hippo customers with a variety of onboarding services to meet your specific needs.

Fees are lower when customers require only a little help and training. Other customers, however, can choose to have Hippo experts to come onsite to audit their facilities and and set up their database completely.

CMMS onboarding pricing is determined based on the scope of work and starts at $600.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. Hippo subscription fees include technical support, data backups, and regular software updates. 

If additional services are required after the onboarding period, the costs are determined and presented to the customer for approval.

How long are subscriptions?

Hippo subscriptions are one year and invoiced annually. 

Customers can pay monthly by credit card. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

What are payment options and terms?

Customers can pay by credit card, check, or bank transfer.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. 

Payment is due upon receiving invoice.

What if I decide to cancel?

We do our best to keep our customers, but some cancel.

Subscriptions are annual. Customers are notified 30 days prior to their renewal date, and customers have the opportunity to cancel their subscriptions. 

All data can be exported from Hippo to CSV or Excel spreadsheets and migrated to other systems.

Are there price increases to subscription fees?

In our pricing terms and SLA, Hippo reserves the right to increase subscription fees by 5% / year. 

This is in line with COLA and other economic cost indexes. It is advised that customers budget for a 5% subscription fee increase just to be safe and so there are no surprises.

Are there any discounts?

Discounts are available at special times of the year. 

Ask a Solutions Expert about available discounts for end of month, quarter, or year. 

We also extend discounts to some non-profits.

Can I customize the package I purchase?

At Hippo we believe in being flexible, and we can work with you to customize your package.

Can I upgrade to a different package later?

Absolutely! If you start off with Hippo Starter and want to upgrade to Hippo Plus or Hippo Pro, just let us know. None of your data will be lost and the transition is seamless.

What if we hire new staff and we need more training or additional setup services?

It is common for organizations to expand and include more users and more facilities.

Hippo offers plenty of resources at no charge, including videos, webinars, tech support, manuals, and guides. 

Additional services are delivered at our billable rate of $150 USD / hr.

What currency does Hippo use?

Although Hippo was originally developed in Canada, our pricing is in USD unless otherwise specified.

About 80% of our customers are based in the United States, so using a standard currency rate keeps things simple.

Don't worry; we still love maple syrup and hockey.

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