Six benefits of a work order app

In recent years, Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) systems have evolved in response to industry demands by becoming more sophisticated, robust and user-friendly applications. One of the most significant developments in CMMS functionality has been adding mobile accessibility as a feature. Given the widespread use of mobile devices in the form of smartphones, tablets and laptops, this change in how customers can access maintenance management systems has been a real game changer.

Maintenance software systems with mobile device features are ideal for the on-the-go maintenance technician. By freeing techs to do their work when and where ever they are, makes the software that much more valuable to businesses that depend on efficiency and productivity. While there is no dispute about the convenience that mobile devices offer, it is important to understand exactly the ways mobile access benefit computer based maintenance management customers. Here are a few to consider when using a mobile cmms app:

1. Clean up the Clutter

The day of overflowing filing cabinets is becoming a thing of the past. More and more, people, as well as businesses, are going paperless; opting for email delivery of bills, invoices, receipts, snail mail, etc. Having maintenance software with mobile access supports a paperless operation by making it possible to access work orders, preventive maintenance schedules, building floorplans etc. without the need for a printer or a place to store the paperwork. Maintenance software enabled mobile access is environmentally friendly because there is less waste when printouts are no longer necessary.

2. Real-Time Notification

The ability to respond quickly to operation problems is a priority for businesses. Unnecessary lengthy downtimes due to equipment failure can have a direct effect on their bottom lines. Real-time notification offered through a mobile work order software shortens the time between when a repair is first identified and when it is resolved. Sending photos of a repair location via a mobile device no longer requires that an employee be onsite to personally inspect a problem. Work orders can be sent on the go shortening response time. Be it photos, work order generation or push notifications when maintenance requests come in, these are all possible using computerized maintenance management software with mobile access.

3. Save valuable time

The environmental benefits of going paperless with mobile access added software systems have already been noted. But going paperless is also a huge timesaver because when using mobile access, it is no longer necessary to spend time generating and storing paper documents. Beyond this, operations techs can get instant access to site plans, parts in inventory, parts and equipment locations and equipment details all from smartphones or tablets without having to be onsite. Finally, since CMMS software users can create work orders via mobile software system access in the field, they do not have to go back later to update the maintenance management database onsite. This is all done by auto syncing the system. All in all, these mobile access benefits make computerized maintenance management systems efficient time savers.

4. On the go access

As suggested earlier, today’s CMMSs are powerful and complex systems capable of managing all aspects of a facility management. During the set-up phase of the software implementation, considerable time is spent uploading data relating to a business’ equipment, parts, and assets including floorplans, equipment specifications, operating and maintenance manuals and serial codes. Once in place and following maintenance software onboarding, the system is ready to use in the field or where ever a user may be. Users are no longer tied to their desktop computers to access manuals, images, specs or preventative maintenance schedules. With mobile access enabled maintenance management software, all are accessible via mobile device in digital format.


5. Upload & Transmit Images

One of the great features of mobile devices is they all have excellent cameras. When it comes to building maintenance, having an available camera is an invaluable tool when it comes to documenting damage to a piece of equipment or an area in the facility. Once the extent of the problem is photographed, it can be attached to a work order so that proper repair planning can be made. For maintenance software systems with mobile access capabilities, a picture says a thousand words and makes for a more effective and timely repair process.

6. Bar Code Scanning Capabilities

Many CMMSs have a scan code feature that is accessible using mobile devices. With this feature, it is possible to automatically generate barcodes or QR codes for all equipment and assets within seconds. The Scan Code feature provides mobile users quick access to critical equipment data, open work orders, maintenance history, photos, manuals and other documents. This feature also serves as a shortcut to performing key functions such as submitting work orders, adding equipment details or taking the asset offline when in repair. With mobile access barcode scanning, it is no longer necessary to search the database with key words and filters for manuals or create work orders when a barcode can be simply scanned with a smartphone or tablet. The mobile device barcode scanning capability adds flexibility to maintenance management in an efficient and time-saving way.

Today, work order softwares, especially the work order app can submit, update, and close work orders from any web-enabled mobile device. Without having to shuffle through paper or run back to their desks to create, modify or update a work order, techs can get all their work order management processes directly from their phones or tablets. Adding mobile device access to maintenance software systems has elevated these systems to a new level of efficiency, convenience, and profitability for businesses.

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