Is CMMS Software Worth the Cost? – Hubspot

The initial cost of CMMS software can range from $500 to $100,000 / year for licensing fees and $0 – $100,000, or more for implementation and onboarding fees.

The big question is, does the value realized from an investment in a CMMS software make it worth it’s cost?

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Find out :

  • How to calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of CMMS software ?
  • How the value of a successful CMMS implementation makes up for the initial investment ?
  • How to estimate ROI of CMMS software ?

Overcoming COVID Challenges

Hippo delivers the practical know-how you need, including:

  • Accurate descriptions of the new landscape and the forces shaping it
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Six Steps to Setting Up a Preventative Maintenance Program

  • With a CMMS in place, companies can get a birds-eye-view of all their facilities
  • These 6 steps help you in creating an effective preventative equipment maintenance plan.
  • Create PM STEP Procedures is an important step. Find the others here!

You’re One Step Away from a Safer School – Hubspot

Improve facility management at your school

Get our guide and learn how to:

  • Take control of maintenance management with streamlined workflows and improved tracking
  • Set up, schedule, and track cleaning programs that help keep staff and students safe
  • Find the CMMS that works best for you, with the features that help you solve your specific maintenance problems

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