Let’s face it, your industry is competitive, right? With new business’s popping up every day, it’s more than likely your product or service exists in a world with other options. Business 101 describes competitive landscapes well, maintaining that differentiation is key. “Standing out” in your industry can take many forms, from having the lowest price to the most advanced features and everything in-between. But as the competition increases, it can become harder and harder to stand out. Managers of all types belonging to all industries are keen to find more innovative ways to be better than their competition. 

Even the maintenance department, a department previously known as a money spender instead of money saver, can find ways to get a leg up on the competition. Maintenance management software is one such technological advantage. Due to the many benefits of implementing a CMMS system, maintenance and facility managers alike are jumping on board with a solid system to assist in organizing and tracking all aspects of their operations. In addition to the obvious benefits, CMMS  has many other benefits that you might not have even thought of. 

Read on to learn more about the 6 unconventional reasons why maintenance managers should invest in CMMS Software.

1. Training Efficiencies

With a single integrated platform, assessment and training initiatives can be standardized across all locations. This allows an efficient and effective ability to train your staff. The learning curves for processes are shortened and employees will have new innovative tools to accomplish their tasks. They can streamline their daily schedules to cut down on wasted travel time and add another skill set to their personal development checklist. Employees will feel empowered to accomplish more work orders, with better quality tools, in less time.

2. Standardizing Processes

Not only can training initiatives be standardized across all locations, but so can processes. Management can be assured that maintenance requests in each location are being completed in a consistent and head-office-approved manner. Further, by using a CMMS software, management can be assured that all preventive maintenance is being performed routinely, prolonging the lifespan of your facilities.
By utilizing a CMMS’s vendor management tool, all outside contractor historical data and contact info can be found in one place. By recommending certain vendors over others you can ensure that the quality of work is up to your standards, and since all locations will have access to this information you can negotiate a better rate with your vendors.

3. Better Bench marking

Who doesn’t like a little bit of healthy competition? By standardizing all your maintenance needs onto one single platform, you can benchmark your locations against each other. Whether it be number of work orders that are completed on time or how many work orders have been entered into the system, you can create the parameters to rank your locations against each other. This allows for your management team to further analyze practices and reward locations that display outstanding performance.


4. Transparent Employee Feedback

By implementing a single system across all your locations, employees are given the ability to provide feedback that is relevant to management. Instead of having feedback that cannot easily be compiled from locations all running various processes, you can give your employees the ability to provide management feedback that is useful and measurable. These comments can then later on be taken into consideration, not only offering management with a front line view of what business operations are like, but also allows employees to have their voices heard within the company.

5. A Better Work/Life Balance

A healthy work life balance is essential to motivating and keeping satisfied employees. With a CMMS system in place, your maintenance personnel can complete more tasks in a day while not sacrificing quality of work. Your employees have time to go home and unwind, all while increasing productivity.

6. Work Autonomy

Having one platform gives control back to the employee. Using various user permission settings, the employee is in control of their daily duties and workflow. Investing in a system that caters to your employees signifies that management cares about their workers and individual success. Whether they are a 20 year old new graduate or a semi-retired veteran of the industry, employees work better when equipped with the proper tools, including software, and trust from their managers. When managers release their grip, employees have more freedom to find their own efficient processes.

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Jonathan Davis

Jonathan has been covering asset management, maintenance software, and SaaS solutions since joining Hippo CMMS. Prior to that, he wrote for textbooks and video games.
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