Hippo CMMS has served hundreds of clients belonging to a wide range of industries, from facility management to healthcare hospitality to non-profit. The following case study showcases one such client success story within the facility management sector. Learn how The Lakes solved their maintenance challenges with Hippo CMMS!

I. COMPANY: The Lakes Country Club (The Lakes) is a premier residential association known for its beautiful spaces and lush grounds. Their impressive complex includes 902 condominiums, 44 pools and spas, 6.2 linear miles of asphalt roads, 23 bodies of water, 15 professional style tennis courts, a large fitness center, a 27 hole golf course and a 50,000 sq/ft club house.

II. CHALLENGE: The Lakes experienced two main challenges that lead them to seek out a CMMS

  1. Lack of maintenance tracking and reporting abilities: Unable to track maintenance activities or report on key functions of their operations, The Lakes was hard pressed to determine repair costs and find problem locations.
  2. Lack of robust computerized system: Although the Lakes had a computerized system in place, if wasn’t robust enough to perform key CMMS functions.

III. DECISION: The Lakes decided to go with Hippo CMMS software as their solution for three main reasons

  1. Hippo was able to perform basic CMMS functions like a pro, allowing them to easily remedy their initial challenges.
  2. Hippo’s robust functionality extended beyond basic features and The Lakes was able to benefit highly from the unique graphical interface found with Hippo Advanced Dash.
  3. Hippo’s professional service and training team exceeded their expectations and was able to provide, timely, helpful and of course friendly support.

IV. SOLUTION: Overall, The Lakes Country Club has been very happy with their CMMS, recommending that all association country club’s use Hippo as their software solution.

For a more in-depth case study analysis, complete with The Lakes’ account screenshots and a special interview with their Maintenance Administrator, visit our website at www.hippocmms.com/facility-management.

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Jonathan has been covering asset management, maintenance software, and SaaS solutions since joining Hippo CMMS. Prior to that, he wrote for textbooks and video games.
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