Hippo CMMS has served hundreds of clients belonging to a wide range of industries, from non profit to manufacturing healthcare to education. The following case study showcases one such client success story within the non-profit sector. Learn how Community Nurse solved their maintenance challenges with Hippo CMMS!

I. COMPANY: Community Nurse Health Center provides healthcare services to residents in the western Chicago suburbs.Their maintenance team is small and agile acting as both the maintenance dispatcher and tech. The internal team completes small and medium scale maintenance jobs while higher level operations, such as adjustments to their HVAC system, are outsourced to vendors.

II. CHALLENGE: The primary CMMS challenge that Community Nurse experienced was their lack of a computerized system. The organization was utilizing manual methods and informal face-to-face interactions to coordinate requests and track maintenance activities. These processes proved to be outdated and inefficient. With increasing demand on the center’s resources from their ever-growing number of visitors, the center recognized that the timing was right to source out a functional CMMS solution.

III. DECISION: Hippo became the go-to choice for Community Nurse for two main reasons:

  1. As one of the alternatives in their comparison, Hippo positioned itself as an affordable yet robust solution. With years of healthcare CMMS experience and a flexible pricing structure, Hippo was the optimal software solution for a non-profit healthcare center.
  2. Hippo’s cloud computing platform was appealing to the center because web based systems have no upfront costs and require little to no support from the organization.

IV. SOLUTION: The organization has been extremely pleased with Hippo’s intuitive interface and reliability. Overall, Hippo has allowed them to not only manage maintenance tasks but also exceed efficiency expectations, catering to a better experience for both the center staff and patients alike.

For a more in-depth case study analysis, complete with Community Nurse’s account screenshots and a special interview with their Facilities Assistant, visit our website at www.hippocmms.com/non-profit.

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Jonathan has been covering asset management, maintenance software, and SaaS solutions since joining Hippo CMMS. Prior to that, he wrote for textbooks and video games.
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