Welcome to Hippo’s new online home, where we’ve updated some of our CMMS software content and given everything a brand-new look and feel. 

So, why all the changes? 

New look to the website 

Hippo CMMS has always been the right combination of powerful and easy to use, and we want a website that reflects our high standards. Going with a new design gave us the chance to fix some things here and there and make sure everything was easy to find and easy to read.

But our website has more than just a new look; it also has a new home. And that’s related to the other big change at Hippo: we’re now part of a larger family of companies.

New additions to the family tree 

Back in November of 2019, iOFFICE announced its acquisition of Hippo CMMS, and we’re now one half of the Asset Division, along with ManagerPlus, an enterprise asset management platform that industrial manufacturers, construction companies, and vehicle fleet managers use to optimize equipment and maintain regulatory compliance.

In the Workplace Division, there’s iOFFICE and Teem. iOFFICE developed one of the first workplace management systems in the early 2000s, building solutions for corporate copy and mail delivery, asset tracking, and facility management software. They then evolved into a detailed workplace space planning tool. Teem delivers solutions covering employee and visitor experience as well as room and desk booking. They’re perfect when you need to efficiently schedule and track meeting room use, and is now helping a lot of companies adopt safe, touchless systems for the post-pandemic return to work.

Because we’re all one family, we’re pulling together some of the websites to live together on the same domain. Before you forget, make sure to bookmark our new homepage.

New and more benefits for you 

But what does this all mean for current and future customers? We’re now all set to better meet your needs, and more of them, for longer. 

Better solutions 

With more being invested into every department at Hippo, we’re now able to deliver a better product with even more comprehensive onboarding and ongoing support. And it’s not just financial resources. Hippo now draws on the know-how of teams from across the divisions. A great example of the power of all this combined expertise is the new Hippo CMMS Mobile app. 

More options

Organizations depend on Hippo for our simple, powerful CMMS for complete asset and maintenance management. But now that we’re with iOFFICE, we can help you get set up with not only worksite but also workplace solutions, helping you bring strong, streamlined workflows into your facilities and front offices. 

Longer relationships

Hippo is focused on your success, and that success often means growth. When a current customer outgrows Hippo, we’re able to help them make a smooth transition to the enterprise-level asset management solution from ManagerPlus. We’re in a unique position to recognize when you need to make the jump, help you understand your options, and make the process as seamless as possible. 

Here’s a great video that explains a bit more about our new family of companies and how we support each other and you.

Here at Hippo, we’re excited about the new website and all the positive changes it represents. We’ve love to answer any questions you have about the new site, our growing family, and of course our CMMS software.


About The Author

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan has been covering asset management, maintenance software, and SaaS solutions since joining Hippo CMMS. Prior to that, he wrote for textbooks and video games.
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