A recent study found that small and medium sized businesses constitute 90% of total employer businesses in the United States and Canada. While every business regardless of size and industry faces their own unique challenges, in recent years, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are reported to be experiencing a pattern of operating struggles.  While some of these are resolved with quick fixes and better planning, other issues tend to be ongoing and in need of comprehensive and long term solutions. Some of the major struggles facing SMEs include among other things, systems and processes, productivity, measuring performance and tracking accountability.

Peter Drucker, known as the founder of modern business management once said, “What gets measured, gets done” when referring to a global view of company operations and activities. With this in mind, it appears that a mistake many SMEs are making is limiting their focus exclusively on measuring company performance solely by profits and revenue. While there is no doubt that profits and revenue are important metrics when measuring success and outcomes, there are other metrics to consider when measuring performance and identified through a process of trial and error and strategic planning.
In spite of the need to seek better measures of performance it is reported that almost 80% facility managers/supervisors still rely on spreadsheets, paper or other manual methods to track and organize data. In today’s competitive market, these methods fall short because they are time consuming, costly due to inaccuracies (i.e., almost 88% spreadsheets contain errors) and provide limited information about overall company operations. The solution for struggling companies is to find ways of identifying useful metrics to guide and improve overall performance and resolve the operational challenges they face. This is where Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software comes into play.

For those new to CMMS software, they are highly sophisticated systems that utilize thousands of data points which at any given time, can provide a user an overview of a facility’s operation or alternatively, the status of an individual piece of equipment. Maintenance management software represent extremely powerful systems when used to their full potential. The CMMS software industry strives to remain on top of technology and industry changes by continually evolving and being more responsive to the ever-changing needs of their customers. Recent innovations in maintenance management software include secure cloud based interfaces, mobile device accessibility and paperless functionality that further increases ease of use. Because of these capabilities, the CMMS software market has witnessed a steep growth curve, especially during the past year. Maintenance management which was once a labor intensive exercise fraught with errors, can now be done automatically and on the go.

Choosing the right CMMS software for your business can also be challenging and time consuming particularly when trying to find a solution that meets a company’s budget, time and resource requirements. For SMEs, it is essential that the CMMS Software chosen be relatively customizable and adaptable as it grows and evolves.  For these reasons, Hippo CMMS is an excellent fit because it offers a robust platform with room to grow and change, ease of use, ongoing support and is budget friendly. From facility supervisors to technicians, from the most tech savvy users to technologically challenged users and from the IT to sales departments, Hippo CMMS software provides companies with the ability to monitor every aspect of their operations, ultimately improving their bottom line.

What Makes Hippo CMMS different from other CMMS Software?

User Friendly and easy to adopt

Hippo prides itself on being the CMMS software that’s easy to use. While every CMMS product can provide basic CMMS feature functionality such as preventive maintenance software, work order software, equipment and asset management as well as work order report and work order screenshots. The real challenge though is being able to adapt to the technology that comes with using these features in an optimal way. Hippo CMMS software can do this and does it well.

The “automate your entire workplace” idea is intriguing but only if it can ensure the optimal UX and UI.  This is no problem for Hippo. From its all accessible dashboard to interactive site plans and work orders just a click or tap away, Hippo CMMS has made maintenance management easy for even the most technologically challenged users. The goal of CMMS software is simply to make life easier. 


Easy, accessible and adaptable customer onboarding

The first 6 months of CMMS software implementation are the most critical for customer success. Hippo invests heavily in the customer onboarding process and offers excellent onboarding options that are geared toward “Customer Success”.  At Hippo, onboarding does not just mean generic training; rather, it means specifically tailoring the onboarding experience to include regular consultations, data integration, CMMS software configuration, and customer training that address the specific needs of our customers.

Customized and planned implementation

Most SMEs benefit from having an adaptable CMMS software that allows for expansion as well as includes any changes in technology or size that might occur in the future. The time and scope of CMMS implementation are vital in how effectively a CMMS software will work for your company. Hippo CMMS performs careful analyses and sets realistic timelines depending on the company’s assets and requirements while being flexible to company needs.

The following gives some parameters for realistic timelines when conducting an independent company audit:

⦁ Companies with 0- 100 assets = 30 days
⦁ Companies with 200 assets = 45 days
⦁ Companies with 201-500 assets = 90 days

Our customers love us

“I chose Hippo CMMS because other softwares were much harder to maneuver around. I tried Emaint, Maintenizer, FMX , they get the job done but involved too much data entry and are not as user friendly. Hippo takes away a lot of the pain I had in the past.” – Tony Garcia , Acerail.

From being user friendly to providing the best customer service possible, Hippo CMMS prides itself on the feedback of customers. From implementing new CMMS software updates to meeting customer needs, to providing in house audits and round the clock customer support, Hippo’s goal is customer success, making it the one of the best CMMS software choice.


As more and more SMEs are making the move to CMMS software, choosing the right CMMS Software has become more and more challenging. Finding a comprehensive mixture of price, functionality and features that work best for a company is essential. The right CMMS software makes it possible for SMEs to address some of their biggest struggles like productivity, profits and processes through increased operating efficiencies by reducing costs, saving time and resources and ultimately, achieving a greater return on investment (ROI).

About The Author

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan has been covering asset management, maintenance software, and SaaS solutions since joining Hippo CMMS. Prior to that, he wrote for textbooks and video games.
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