In typical Hippo fashion, we move forward into the new year with momentum and with bold objectives to be achieved. In planning for 2018 and beyond, we reflect on the milestones reached in 2017.

In 2017 we grew the Hippo team, invested in HR initiatives, developed a new website, released Version 6 and more. The following are some of the highlights.

Team Growth

We began 2017 with 16 staffers and by its end, the head count rose to 22 employees covering administration, marketing, product development and tech support areas.

Customer Count

Hippo had a successful year, onboarding 220 new customers from a variety of industries. We welcome these new customers and look forward to many years of working together to improve their facilities and maintenance operations.

Product Development

Hippo CMMS invests considerable time and resources into its product development in order to keep pace with customer demands, changes in technology and market indicators. In 2017, the company expanded its development team and released Version 6 that included the following improvements and features:

  • Fresh new user interface
  • Revamped mobile version with bar code scanning, access to floor plans, upload and open document features, and camera integration
  • More browser friendly
  • Single sign on / Active directory integration

Introduction of a New Mobile Version

Recognizing the expansion in the mobile device market, Hippo CMMS focused its attention on improving its mobile application. With its new mobile version, technicians are now able to view and manage equipment and parts, view floor plans, manage requests, connect to phone camera to attach images to work orders, and utilize the bar code scanning feature. These improvements add value to the CMMS software by saving time, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

Customer Retention 

While Hippo CMMS is pleased with its customer base growth, it is equally pleased with its ability retain its clientele. With its customer retention rate at 93%, the team is confident that long term relationships will be forged with almost all the new customers they attract. In 2017 we implemented updated our customers success procedures and practices to ensure that our team can offer the best support and ensure our customers get the most out of their investment in CMMS.

Customer Support

Customer support can often mean the difference between short-term and long-term customers. Without good customer support, having an excellent CMMS system alone can be meaningless. With help from Zendesk, a customer service platform, Hippo’s 2017 customer support response time was found to be three times faster than the industry standard and explains in part, it 93% customer retention rate.

Hippo Tech_support_repsonsiveness.jpg

HR Cultural Survey

Acuity HR – Along with Hippo CMMS’s rapid growth, the cultural landscape of the team also evolved. In order to find a balance between product development and service, and staff management concerns, the company approached Acuity HR during 2017 to assist it with gaining a better understanding of its employees and the things that were important to them in the work setting. Thank you to Acuity HR for ensuring that Hippo’s vision and culture are as strong as ever.

Staff Training

Another part of Hippo CMMS’s success is due to its investment in its team. Recognizing that training is important for both improving skill level and career development, we sought out training opportunities from outside consultants. This will be instrumental in maintaining our position as an industry leader. Training focuses on leadership practices, customer support best practices, and more.

Published Great Content

An important part of attracting qualified customers is by directing them to Hippo’s content that is aimed at educating them about the CMMS industry and its application to various business sectors. During 2017, the company posted 25 high quality articles on its blog. Hippo’s website analytics reveals that there are a visitors are eating the content up and sharing articles among their peers in their respective industries. We also contributed a number of articles to other maintenance software content platforms.

Numerous Accolades

Hippo CMMS is recognized as one of the top CMMS solutions providers by numerous sources. In 2017, the accolades kept coming.


The year 2017 was a busy and productive one for Hippo CMMS. The company’s achievements are the result of tremendous dedication and effort by the entire team and a strong business model that continues to guide its growth trajectory. Hippo CMMS anticipates that the best is yet to come in 2018.

About The Author

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan has been covering asset management, maintenance software, and SaaS solutions since joining Hippo CMMS. Prior to that, he wrote for textbooks and video games.
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