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Hippo CMMS has served hundreds of clients belonging to a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to healthcare hospitality to non-profit. The following case study showcases one such client success story within the manufacturing sector. Learn how Armtec solved their maintenance challenges with Hippo CMMS!

I. COMPANY: Armtec Infrastructure Inc. (Armtec) is a leading global manufacturer of infrastructure and construction materials. They have several plants across Canada, ranging in size from 5-50 maintenance workers per facility.

II. CHALLENGE: Armtec experienced two main challenges that lead them to seek out a CMMS software

  1. Lack of a computerized system: They used manual methods such as spreadsheets, and pen and paper to do the bulk of their maintenance management, proving to be outdated and confusing.
  2. Lack of a standardized approach: The decentralized practice put the onus on each individual facility to maintain their operations, leading to large inconsistencies from one facility to another.

III. DECISION: Armtec decided to go with Hippo CMMS as their solution for three main reasons

  1. Hippo's user-friendly interface provided a simple platform to navigate quickly and efficiently through.
  2. Hippo's affordable price offered a flexible pricing structure and less risk in the form of lower start up costs. It was also a competitive price when compared with other software providers'.
  3. Hippo is a web based solution allowing Armtec to utilize resources efficiently without creating a work bottleneck for their IT department.

IV. SOLUTION: Transparency, efficiency and a standardized approach to maintenance management has helped Armtec remain lean and competitive in this fast-paced manufacturing industry. By directly identifying past challenges and providing a cost effective user-friendly solution, Hippo has found a permanent place in Armtec’s world.

For a more in-depth case study analysis, complete with Armtec's account screenshots and a special interview with their National Operations Excellence Manager, visit our website at www.hippocmms.com/manufacturing.

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