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Welcome to the new and improved Hippo CMMS blog, home to the latest and greatest news that Hippo has to offer. This blog will be your go to source for CMMS articles and Hippo resources.

We're new: The reformatted and completely updated blog comes in the wake of Hippo CMMS's exciting new re-brand and the launch of our informative new website. See what all the fuss is about by visiting www.hippocmms.com

We're content hungry: In Hippo's efforts to be recognized as an emerging thought leader in the industry, we will be taking steps to house more critical, interesting and relevant content than ever before.

We're excited to hear from you: We invite comments and relevant discussion on the topics and articles that we post. Be sure to stay in the loop by subscribing to our RSS feed and following us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

Thanks for stopping by. Get ready to become a true Hip-pro...get it?

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Margeaux Girardin

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